World Class Leaderboard (PC/DOS) 1988, Access Software, Inc.

In 1988, Access Software, Inc. publishes World Class Leader Board (also known as World Class Leader Board Golf, World Class Leaderboard), a golf, editor / construction set game for the DOS system. Offering sports genre, it is now an abandonware.

Before the long-running Links series, Access Software produced the Leader Board lineage, which concludes here. Wind, snap and power are the main considerations as players dodge the bunkers, water and rough, which make for more complex courses than the 8-bit versions of the original.

A course editor is included. The courses provided include real locations: St. Andrews (Scotland), Cypress Creek and Doral Country Club (USA) and a fictional one, The Gauntlet, which, as the name suggests, is designed to push the player’s skills to the maximum.

The PC version utilizes the PC speaker to reproduce voice samples via the company’s patented RealSound process. Quips like “No doubt about it, he’s deep in the sandtrap”, “Straight onto the fairway”, and “Looks like he hit the tree, Jim” are used to provide running commentary on the gameplay.

Published by – U.S. Gold Ltd.
Developed by – Access Software, Inc.
Released – 1987


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18 thoughts on “World Class Leaderboard (PC/DOS) 1988, Access Software, Inc.

  1. My mate installed this on 25 of the school computers back in 1988, i remember the IT teacher having to do overtime to remove it from each machine, he wasnt happy. good times.

  2. Ah… The Memories…
    Loved this game .. use to play it a work during my dinner break .
    I have tried playing it now on Windows Xp .. But game stalls on
    Anybody any ideas on how tp play this game on XP ??

  3. HY FRIENDS! GO HERE–> FOR THE Sim City CHEAT THAT WORKS! IM USING IT 🙂 World Class Leaderboard (PC/DOS) 1988, Access Software, Inc.

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  5. Quick tip on hole 8.  Leave the club as 1W and then hit P.  This (can't remember the technical term) hits the ball low and it'll bounce over the creek and be on the green.

  6. There's one thing that's more absolutely marvellous than the pot…

    And that's the audio on a game that's a quarter of a century old!

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