Why I Now Hate Game Theory

I used to love Game Theory, but after seeing the direction it has taken, I no longer can even stand watching it.

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23 thoughts on “Why I Now Hate Game Theory

  1. I know this is an old video but I’m starting to feel like they e gotten better now and I’ve learned a lot of science from them

  2. At least Mat Pat doesn't make videos all about why he doesn't like other youtubers. This is the most boring youtube video I have ever watched because it's all about "eerrrr I don't like this other youtuber".
    I don't care, man. Just make videos about stuff that is interesting please.

  3. Game theory used to have actual math and facts behind it. Now it feels like he is pulling from nowhere. Fnaf is a great example of him usually pulling from nowhere.

  4. Fnaf is my favorite game. You can tell by my OC. But my god was it annoying not getting new content and ideas from hi's channel.

  5. I know I’m late but I personally would not respond to someone calling me a sell out, that is a question phrased to hate on someone.

  6. I mean he doesn't make that much FNAF theories.
    Also the part of this video that I really hate is when he says that they stretch the videos.
    Okay how is he going to pay the animators. The only reason he stretches the video is that he can get money to pay the editors.
    Come on be logical now

  7. One reason I don't like game theory is because he rarely looks at the other side of the theory, which is pretty important when discussing theories. To make things worse, his fanbase takes whatever he says as gospel no matter how many holes it has (looking at YOU, Link is dead theory!)

  8. Reason I hate you your a loser 2 you just use game theory content 3 mattpatt use lots of math 4 your voice is REALLY annoying

  9. Well at least most people still like game theory they still had good content back then and now they have better content now

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