What the Wii Shop Closing Means for Piracy

The Wii Shop closed leaving many games released on the platform now simply un-buyable. There is no way to download these Wii Shop games in the way they were originally intended to be download in. However, this does not mean you can not download and play these Wii Shop games in other ways even in 2019 and beyond.

The Wii is a very easy console to mod and with it comes the ability to download games off a variety of website and play them on your console even without purchasing them. This is a form of piracy and obviously illegal. However, it remains the only way to play many of these games if you did not buy them during the Wii’s run. Is this right, or is this the wrong thing to do? What can we do to prevent this same situation from coming up when another console (like the X360 or PS3) come to end and shut down their stores?


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19 thoughts on “What the Wii Shop Closing Means for Piracy

  1. The only exceptions to the third thing are megaman 9 and 10 since they were re-released in the legacy collection.

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