WET 2: Double Feature (Cancelled)

The first Wet was a third person hack n’ slash shooter inspired by grindhouse / exploitation movies, developed by Artificial Mind & Movement (later renamed to Behaviour Interactive) and published by Bethesda Softworks for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009. Wet 2 would have follow the same gameplay and grindhouse style of the first game, with new missions and enemies to defeat. The team was able to create some concept art (using placeholder images and photos from popular movies), design documents and an early prototype for Wet 2, but after about a year of development the project was canned:

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33 thoughts on “WET 2: Double Feature (Cancelled)

  1. There is no reason why this shouldn’t have been a franchise where the fourth installment was upcoming on next gen consoles. Such a fun game and missed opportunity on Bethesda’s part.

  2. Seeing this hurts my soul. WET was such a great game to me and its soundtrack is such an amazing creation. WET 2 could have worked, had the first one tried to stand out a bit more (at least to most people). Sad this will never see the light of day😔😣

  3. If this was true, I'd have gotten it.
    Still surprised they didn't try to put out novels of Rubi as they did with Laura Croft.
    Plus, if they brought her to the big screen, she should have started off as a cameo character in maybe one of the Fast & the Furious movies or even XXX ones.

  4. The works to be released on the Xbox360 and PS4 platforms have been rudely cancelled!

    Go to the stool, you guys! I was very angry when I thought that this game was rudely cancelled! Consider the feelings of many players?

  5. Aw man! And here I thought this was an announcement trailer for Wet 2! I didn’t know that there not only was one in development, but was cancelled on top of that. That really sucks…

  6. Wet was a fantastic game , but what killed it for some was : the end boss was a 64 button QTE at the end of the game

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