WAR RIG | Swedish Mad Max Truck (War Thunder LVTDGB m/40)

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WAR RIG | Swedish Mad Max Truck (War Thunder LVTDGB m/40)


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26 thoughts on “WAR RIG | Swedish Mad Max Truck (War Thunder LVTDGB m/40)

  1. Wouldnt the first ammo type be better then the semi-penetrating ammo? Its only two types, so every other round you should have the 79 pen

  2. I feel like this thing should have some kind of outrigger to stabilize it because it moves way to much. (EDIT) when you are shooting, that is. It almost looks like it does on the sides but they don’t do anything to my knowledge.

  3. It's not "I"-vakan, it's LVAKAN (lvakan) for LuftVärnsKANon = Anti Air Gun, the "/36" is the year it was adopted by the military so model 1936.

  4. It sounded like the world was shaking and the land was exploding
    The earbuds with good bass is a good idea as I have found out
    I also went and rewatched it like 5 times just to hear it

  5. Gaijin has ran outta ideas…tired of being killed in your Abrams by Jets? Now get killed from miles away by a chopper. maps are repetitive in design and how tanks move to and from the caps are lame…too many 1 cap battles…no one ask for this….no one. Players are too retarded to UNDERSTAND how to fan out and play these battles. Gaijin should know the majority of their player base are retards. Oh and the random night battles and NONE of your tanks have NVM. Game is finished.

  6. war thunder is Thief. I payed for the B-17G and the game "forgot" that i owned it and tryed to make me buy it again for about 240,000 silver lions (ingame currency) that i payed for in real money. when i sent a ticket to them thay told me thay had no record of me having the B-17G. So they kept my money and they kept my plane… I got no reason to lie about this. this is all true. I payed them and they ripped me off. In a way im kida glad bc they charge waaaay to much money for the ingame stuff they sell. So if the game glitches and you loos something they will NOT give it back to you. They are thieves.

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