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Episode 49 is a little different than your standard video from The Old Ass Retro Gamer. Why? Because it’s about perler art. Video game perler art to be more specific. Gaming Youtubers seem to always have at least one piece of video game based perler art in the background in their videos, so Chris did some research and decided to make some of his own to give to his friends as party gifts. Was he successful? Did they end up looking like melted slabs of goo? Is it time for dinner yet?

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11 thoughts on “VIDEO GAME PERLER ART | The Old Ass Retro Gamer

  1. I make some perler art as well and man do your grievances jive with me almost too well. I've even made perler art for my friends too so I know how you feel hahaha

  2. Use parchment paper (on the roll) it's way cheaper than buying perler brand paper. Wax paper has horrible after effects. Make sure to reiterate that. Great work though!

  3. I have been doing these for awhile now. If you cant find the color, I would suggest going to the perler website to buy the individual colors. That is what I do. They also only charge 2 dollars a bag on there when you buy a couple of them. I have a lot of colors now by doing a bunch of small projects with different colors. I would buy colors for that project and eventually I had every color they make (of the basic colors)

  4. I'm a local like you – saw your post on CNSC. I am into games and perler as well. You can see my page and separation exercise here:

  5. Hey Chris this is John aka Magneto pixelart nice video good work on those designs I may need to hire you in the future.
    just imagine I make 100 to 150 of those a week every week, That's right I have no life lol anyway good video talk to you later.

  6. I actually made some of these and even sold a few at my work. My favorite is my 16 bit Metroid. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent iron so I need to go out and find one… I actually liked making them, despite the fact that they are time consuming. Great topic!

  7. I just got into perler art, and i made the same mistake of buying a giant mixed colors container. What. A. Pain. After making a few with those I decided to go buy bags of individual colors and a craft box that has sections that you can move. But, I think you did great! kandipatterns . com is a cool site I found for patterns as well as making your own.

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