Ultimate Xbox Game Room Tour 2019

After around a month of unpacking, its time to show you all my brand new Xbox Game Room! This is by far the most ambitious game room project I’ve undertaken and I’ve tried to come up with a game room design that I can be proud of.

On this channel I post 3 Xbox Videos each week. Monday is a general Xbox video covering various topics, xbox how to guides, gameplay etc. Wednesday is community day where I take suggestions from the comments and make a video on the topics you want to see. Finally, Saturdays are a weekly round up of the latest Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, and Xbox Project Scarlett News.

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Title: Ultimate Xbox Game Room Tour 2019

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33 thoughts on “Ultimate Xbox Game Room Tour 2019

  1. Brilliant vid mate! It you want a sea through electronic, phantom white and phantom black Xbox one controller. Also if you have a Bluetooth Xbox controller connect it to your phone. I’m now subbed 😁

  2. Awesome video I love your game room!!! The white shelves look much better I agree and I’ve always wanted to paint a room green and now that I’ve seen it done I can see why I thought it was a good idea! Unfortunately where I am now I can’t paint but I’m making it work with what I have 🙂 thanks for showing us into your game room it makes me want to improve mine even more

  3. Nice work on the game room. Love the total xbox theme! 🙂 Also love the original xbox 360 consoles you still got! Enjoyed the video. Thanks! 🙂

  4. When I buy an Xbox 360 slim, I won't have any problem in terms of games in 2019/2020 😎😍❤❤✌👍

  5. Again, really enjoyed the video.
    1) double games: why don’t you just trade them in at CEX?
    2) would love to see the non-Xbox stuff. Is it in a different room?
    Take care, and good luck with the channel!

  6. I agree with the shelf colour, white has SO much less dirt than black too! I remember the old setup but this is a lot better. Don't worry about the time it took, this room is for you after all! I really love your fallout pip boy too, it looks awesome.

  7. amazing video, got started last week on my 360 collection, 47 games and 1 xbox 360 s to get started, do you collect the controller variations?? orr face plates?

  8. Harry with the xbox 360 double games you could do a giveaway to subscribers in ur next vid btw loving the vids at the moments keep up the good work!

  9. Love it, love it, love it Kieran. The room looks super clean and slick. I’d really be interested in seeing your non Xbox wares if you could do a video on them.

    Oh and I I don’t know if I’ve already said to but congrats on getting past 1k in subs. You’ll be on 5k before you know it.

  10. Harry this is just a suggestion but I noticed that u have the game DARK from kalypso games I'm thinking about getting it so if possible could u do a review on it?

  11. 2:17 OMG SAME,I actually just downloaded super Mario all stars on my jtag Xbox 360 FROM MY PHONE !!!!!! lemme know if you wanna know how I did that 😉

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