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Who should have been Toriyama’s Successor for the Dragon Ball Super Manga. These Dragon Ball AF Artist FINALLY BATTLE to see who is the BEST.

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  2. Toyotaro's artstyle follows a more modern dragonball artstyle while Jiji's seems to follow a bit older of a style. That's likely why Akira Toriyama chose Toyotaro.

    But I always felt as though, it was quite ironic that Akira Toriyama loved star wars, and now it seems he is making the same mistakes George Lucas made. And ultimately even Disney.

    He's flanderized his characters and over streamlined the artstyle.

    Dragon ball super doesn't just look flat, it feels flat. Like there were notes it wanted to hit, and it took the easy way to hit them. I also felt some inner creativity that tried to shoot it's way out, but it's ultimately the fact that super doesn't try to break some rules or do something new as far as story is rather saddening.

    The tournament of power sounded cool, but all the consequences of it were undone without much of a surprise. Freeza and Goku teaming up was kinda surprising. And 17 winning was kinda out of the blue. But it doesn't really change the expected goal posts. It would have been cool to see a surprise loss and something to subvert expectations.

    Like in the buu saga. In a first time go, there's a tournament, Goku's coming back and not a lot is going off an unusual route, except the fact that it's the revival of a once dead tradition from way back and Dragonball. But instead of finishing the tournament proper, it completely interrupts it with suspicious characters and suddenly there's an, albeit short lived, mystery.

    What would've been cool is if as the tournament went on, one of the Zeno's started interfering more and more until it starts to overshadow the tournament. Eventually Goku loses in an upset, and Zeno crosses a line and erases the Victor and returns Goku to the ring. The other Zeno steps in and tries to stop him, but the main Zeno is on a rampage. In his fit of rage, he starts to erase everything. Then suddenly the other Zeno swoops in and saves Goku and a select random few relatively close too him. And with that there is a swift change in everything. And it makes sense. Zeno explains that his power alone is only equal to the other Zeno, defeating him is impossible. But he also explains that the Mafuba technique he witnessed was so unlike anything he'd ever seen, it may work. One problem, Roshi was erased, and only Goku and Tien know the technique. And both of them have never successfully used it.

    Something like that would have completely drawn me in.

    Adding in a feeling of urgency, that super lacked. A superficial and arbitrary time limit has proven useless in dragon ball, so an unknown amount of time remaining based on discovery would be a lot more interesting. As the timing of return can be and will be a surprise.

    Basically, a side rant about writing but the art of jiji gives me nostalgia, and toyotaro gives me a bit of dissapointment, not just in toyotaro but in toryiama.

  3. Nah toyotaro drawing got way better from begining of the super manga till now,that vegeta being out of proportion hasn’t been seen from toyotaro in a long time

  4. First I'd like to compliment both artist for capturing Toriyama style so well and also it shouldn't be a versus battle between the two unless its a rap battle. Both are free to draw whatever they like and shouldn't be scrutinized for it.

  5. Im not mad at JiJi for doing the pages, I just wish he would've remixed them more. 2 artists rarely read and interpret a script the same way. So I would love to his own interpretation of the pages as opposed to basically copying Toyotaro verbatim.

  6. i bet if toyatoro redrew it again he could draw it better, but i definitely find young jijis work to be way cooler and fluid.

  7. This is so fucking stupid. Artists like to redraw things, there's no disrespect involved at all, I can redraw Toyotaro's whole page if I wanted to, is that disrespect? no! why should it matter if Young Jijii redrew it then? It's the fandom putting shit into people's mouths and it's pathetic.

  8. I actually think Toyotaro's art is better. Youngjijii is way to soft and curvy, I prefer the sharp intense edges in dbz, same reason why Toriyama changed his art style for DBZ. It's much more aggressive and fits too well for the fights.

    Take 5:15 for example, look how young and almost child like Vegetas face is. He softned the hair to look more like flowing hair, but super saiyan has always been seen as very sharp.

    I also disagree with the comment that youngjijii's pops out more, you can feel the force in Vegetas power up in Toyotaros panel. The highlights on his arms show the power and light coming from the body and you can feel it bursting out of the page, YJ sort of flows and doesn't feel intense, it doesn't look like the guy just ascended.

    Now in no way is YJ a bad artist, i think he's great and wouldn't be upset to see panels like that in the dbs manga, but i believe Toyotaro is a better artist FOR dbs and the theme and feel.

  9. I mean its not like he flat out said “I can do this so much better than you.” all he did was draw something

  10. Toyotaro is good at drawing DB manga but their are else more artist who draw better than him … I personally like DBZ art style more than DBS

  11. The picture compared it definitely looks youngjiji is better except the face looks kinda childish to me idk if anyone else feels similar

  12. Youngjiji definitely has a nicer art style. If you look at the one with Vegeta. The proportions of his face and body look better. And the face looks more expressive and overall nicer to look at.

    The jawline is nicely proportional to the rest of the head. And his hair is looks pointy but is also more rounded and flowy like actual locks of hair rather than the way Toyatoros does the hair. Which is super straight, super pointy and plastic looking. It looks almost like a hedge hog rather than hair.

    In Toyotaros art style even the muscles look too straight and jagged rather than rounded and flowy. The jawline is a little too big and the neck is huge when compared to the rest of the head.. It looks like his neck is bigger than his head.

  13. Youngjijo is better, toyotaro made some crap Manga with copied artwork and everyone thinks he's God among artists, he's not, even Youngjiji is bettrr

  14. He's in his right but it shows how much of a sore loser he is. I mean, drawing it is something, write it buddy. How do you take directions from Toriyama? This move on his part is a red flag, a sign that maybe this guy would not be so easy to work with sign of an attitude problem. That's part of what we look at when hiring people. Maybe his art was better when they were considered for Super. Maybe Shonen and Toriyama saw something they didn't like. Maybe he went to the time and spirit chamber to draw his panel… We don't know.

  15. Young Jiji adapting a page isn't disrespectful, it's flattering to say the least. Due to him being the better artist. What the Super Manga could've looked like. Breaks my heart.

  16. Young Jijis Style looks so much more like Dragonball.. People cant deny that.

    Its just the way he uses curvy lines, instead of drawing everything so sharp and stright, like Toyotaro does. It just feels more organic.
    You can actually recognize Vegeta again.. Especially his face expressions and characteristics look like straight out of DBZ.

  17. I think that toyotaro is amazing
    Young jiiji is also probably my fav fanmade mangaka.
    He did a lot cool fan made mangas, and i loved them all (the DBZ ones)
    Toyotaro anyway i believe is awesome
    Toryama chosen him so i believe he thinks that Toyotaro has something special
    And i think too

  18. They're both great talented artist but young jijii brings that old school toriyama style that I wish Dragon Ball Super had! I prefer Young Jijii to be honest

  19. Young Jijii have a good style but he copies a lot of drawing and finds it difficult to make different angles and positions alone and these fights lack dynamism despite having an impact

  20. Okay people say that it's not fair to compare Jiji to Toyotaro because Torotaro is on a deadline, dude has a whole month to write a chapter, but some may argue that the manga chapters are longer true but he does to much, he draws unnecessary stuff and at most draws the same poses Toriyama told him to do less, then Torotaro would do a decent job, so stop saying that Jiji is messing with him for having more time. I can tell you that Jiji does a better work he draws fighting sequences more 3 dimensional than Toyotaro, an he doesn't use the same poses every damn time.

  21. I love Toyotaro's art style (I like the skinnier look) but I do not think that it's a slap in the face just a little friendly competition

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