Thief Wallpaper I Adobe Photoshop Photo Manipulation @SquareEnixFR

In this video I manipulate a few different images to create this epic fire scene for the game Thief.

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21 thoughts on “Thief Wallpaper I Adobe Photoshop Photo Manipulation @SquareEnixFR

  1. Hi, first of all nice Artwork!^ Can you tell me please which is your software to record the desktop applications? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Jack , voce é uma inspiração para mim , continue assim . 
    Se puder olha meu canal , não sou nenhum profissonal , mas tento dar o melhor ! 

    Abraço . Brazil ! 

  3. Okay guys just so you know I've adjusted the image a little, so it's quite a lot different from the final image in this video! Check out the link in the description! 

  4. Fire looks great but the cc you did on the Thief himself makes him pop out too much.

    Nut sure if you were trying to make him part of the scene but I think it would look better that way.

  5. Share this video, Square Enix are already tagged! Let's try and get this seen by the game devs! If you liked the video leave a like/comment etc! 😀

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