The Ultimate Ryze DREAM Combo | League of Legends Top 10 Plays

League of Legends / LoL Top 10 Plays – Perfect Delete Combo, Unbelievable Outplays, and 200 IQ Pro Moments!

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10- Red Team (Submitted by Mansford on Xayah)
9- WAR Furuy on Azir (
8- MRS Treatz on Lee Sin
7- TrueshotGarrage on Miss Fortune
6- Dragflick on Xerath
5- Tiddlywinks69 on Kindred
4- Dreamer Ace on Jayce (
3- Lun9 on Sivir
2- lonrii2 on Zoe (
1- KID VEGETA on Ryze
Bonus- 1004 on Heimerdinger
Bonus- FliiCoPT on Jinx
Bonus- CKOBOPOДKA on Thresh
Bonus- Sp3nceGotSwag on Lulu
Bonus- 嫩刑翔 on Jhin
Bonus- Chessdude08 on Rakan
Bonus- Pellias on Ornn

►Music in this League of Legends Top 10 Plays provided by Monstercat:

1) Puppet & Foria – I’m Here –
2) WRLD – Fighter –
3) LVTHER – Dots (feat. Jenny Broke The Window) –

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21 thoughts on “The Ultimate Ryze DREAM Combo | League of Legends Top 10 Plays

  1. Which play was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! So many amazing plays in this episode and the great thing about doing a Top 10 is that we get to see a lot of style variety within the plays. The Kindred outplay was nasty but also… that Ryze Flux spread… Hope you enjoyed 😀

  2. A lot of the channels that get recommended to me by YouTube constantly use pointless, unrelated clips, or they "accidentally" reuse a clip just to hit the 10 min mark. Not only did this channel feature clips actually worth watching, but they were honest about their intentions on hitting the 10 min mark. YouTube needs to get their priorities straight and recommend these kinds of channels instead of the countless garbage channels they instead recommended.

  3. Thank you for being honest and respecting your viewers and not filling the video with bs like most youtubers just to reach 10 mins mark, subscribed <3

  4. 1:22 Seems lee was just trying to escape whereas Azir actually went back in and properly initiated 2nd time around; but gj to both.

  5. The bonus play at 9:15ish whats special about it? No hate just don't get it am I missing something? Is it just that the enemy team instantly surrendered?

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