The Smurf 3-D Board Game – Milton Bradley, #4113 1981

​​​Check out another 3-d Board Game! This is the 1981 The Smurf Game – Big Fun With Your Little Blue Pals!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: These 3-D games are really colorful and fun to set up. It is like building a little world to play your game in. This had an interesting twist with the spinning dials that stopped you from going forward or penalized you for ending up on one when your opponent decided to spin the dial. Are you a collector of old board games? Let us know in the comments.


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The Smurf 3-D Board Game – Milton Bradley, #4113 1981

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30 thoughts on “The Smurf 3-D Board Game – Milton Bradley, #4113 1981

  1. yeah i played this as kid and have nostaligia for it so i bought it again as adult to try again

  2. Dear luckypennyshop,You are my favorite youtuber! You inspired me to try all these games and makers also you inspired me to try new things! You even inspire me to make a YouTube channel! Thank you! Sincerely, skateboard gaming

  3. Wow!! I remember having and playing this game (and the Smurf Spin Game) as a child. What memories!! Great to see this again.

  4. There should be some sort of automatic comment removal thing to prevent spam comments like the "First view" etc. It bothers a bit when I want to see what other people think about the things that are reviewed, but instead I see nothing but numbers. Some other reviewers use the automatic spam removal system and the comment section stays clean. I don't know how it works so I can't say if it's troublesome to add in the videos. But I think many would appreciate that.

  5. When the shop hits 1 000 000 subscribers ( I know you will ) you should do a recording room tour and maybe show your face?

  6. The Smurf 3-D Board Game – Milton Bradley, #4113 1981

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    #TheSmurfs #BlueSmurfs #MiltonBradley #PapaSmurf  

  7. when u land on the cat do u have to walk all the way back to the food basket thingy or do u just put it back and stay where u r

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