The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is an Affordable Car That Goes Nearly 700 Miles on a Tank of Fuel

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The #ToyotaCorolla is one of the most popular cars in the world. So it makes sense that #Toyota would finally offer a #CorollaHybrid in order to appeal to customers who want even better MPG. For 2020, the #Corolla moves to the TNGA architecture, sports an entirely new look on the outside and inside, and should be the sportiest Corolla the company has ever made. Add in a #hybrid powertrain from the #ToyotaPrius and buyers looking for over 50 MPG will find a lot to like as long as they don’t expect thrilling acceleration or a more aggressive design.


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31 thoughts on “The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is an Affordable Car That Goes Nearly 700 Miles on a Tank of Fuel

  1. I got this car on May 26th and am barely going to fill up the tank today which is July 7th I absolutely LOVE this car and everything about it! I def recommend !

  2. Imho, the Insight is so much better looking that this Corolla just is not worth it. Too bad the Insight is not sold in The Netherlands, West-Europe 🙁

  3. You keep driving about upgrades a buyer needs to make to get features not in the hybrid.


  4. Inaccurate information about transmission. It is NOT a CVT it is an e-CVT with planetary gears so it’s bulletproof, not a piece of junk regular CVT. Please give accurate info in your videos thanks.

  5. I think all cars should come with fog lights for safety purposes. I don’t like the interior the xse version has better interior and the speakers are visible in the front but this one doesn’t have them. And if you get a Hybrid you should be able to get a sunroof. And the passengers doesn’t have any vents or charges that’s a bummer. The leg room should also go back to 40 inches. The compartments should be a little bigger. And seating is important as I said it should be better like the XSE it should be standard as a leather seating.

  6. Perfect car for someone who commutes like myself. Putting on 150 miles a day in something like this will not cost very much and will be very effective. Once my Prius where is out, this is the next vehicle for me

  7. I had a 2012 corolla LE. Loved it. It was durable and if I kept it longer I knew it’d last me 10 plus years

  8. Great video!! i just did a comparison between gas and hybrid check it out

  9. Spoiled child the Corolla is a car for most normal people. It is not to be running at high speed. This review is in my opinion very superficial comparing a popular car with others of different segments. That happens when you drive expensive cars and then everything else seems
    bad to you.

  10. Look I have a 2019 4Runner and I take that to work everyday and that gives me 15.2 mpg I live 20 miles from my job. I think this would be a nice little work car

  11. "This is a car that isnt going to win any drag races"
    Alright challenge accepted. World first 10sec hybrid corolla incoming

  12. So If i owned this, it will take me 2 months to go the gas station. Hmm… got me thinking about my camry

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