Texas VS California – How Do They Compare?

Texas vs California – How do the two states compare? Where would you rather live?
CORRECTION: Minimum wage is California is $10.50 for companies with 25 or less employees and $11 for companies with 25+ employees.


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30 thoughts on “Texas VS California – How Do They Compare?

  1. Minimum wage is California is $10.50 for companies with 25 or less employees and $11 for companies with 25+ employees.

  2. Okay, I already live in Houston, Texas, but I prefer Texas. My neighborhood is so calm around here. We are very courageous, though.

  3. Ive been in Texas AND california! and I love california…. but come on…. compared to Texas…! sorry! Texas is way better

  4. They forgot one thing, Texas doesn't have income taxes while California does. Texas is clearly a winner if you want to live cheap.

  5. I’ve lived nowhere but California. I lived in the ghetto then the suburbs. In conclusion both are lost lol I want outta here

  6. I'm Living in California right now and I would go with large food production because Texas is going to run out of oil eventually but California on the other hand can regrow food from seeds and animals can reproduce.

  7. Texas has 2.5x higher Property tax than California. I'd rather own a house in California for $300,000 than own a house in Texas for $125,000. Same amount of property tax but I will have more equity in California.

  8. California is by birth state I rep the LA Lakers And San Fran. 49(haters gone hate) but I live in texas due to the economy(Houston, which is too layd back if you ask me) I'm kinda glad that that's the reason and hope neither state cesieds US . I like and respect people in both states. I also lived in mexico (my root nation) for a few before the cartels started to get too involved in our pueblos (supply and demand) . I speak English and spanish freely but here in houston I feel is not for me unless I'm an astronaut in NASA and have my own land. Any who there's haters in all the places. Thanks.

    Like if I should start a documentary

  9. Texas made whataburger and Dr. Pepper and it’s cheaper to live here. I’m a proud Texan

    Btw those Texan stereotypes are not really true

  10. i from taxes its beutiful u can hunt fish swim visit famous city's you can also go to da shootin range and u can offroad :side note i say bow-e instead of boo-e.

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