Tera Console Guide: Classes & Races

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31 thoughts on “Tera Console Guide: Classes & Races

  1. There are other good classes that I like, and other classes that would be fun to play.
    But the brawler class is just me.
    Dps and a tank?
    Love the combination. I love to pummel and destroy when it comes to classes.

  2. Is brawler a good DPS character? Or a good character in general? As i only started today and i choose brawler and leveled up to level 16

  3. I chose elin for looks and class i really wanted to be a ninja then once i was lv 40 i changed to a reaper which is elin exclusive.

  4. Hey, I’m just getting in to Tera and I know that you said mystic wasn’t a great pick for noobs. I just really love the Druid vibes, do you think I would be able to become competent enough to help out my friends while still having fun?

  5. Im the only one thinking Elin is a Freaking Nasty Race??
    Well… no im not, my brother n closest friends thinks the same… but come on..
    play as what apears as a Little girl n dress her up in Lingery… thats f*** Nasty man.

  6. Dont even play this game. Just stoned and checking mmorpg games I dont know about. But mannn this is the best most planned out class explanation video ive ever seen, and like I said I do this alot. You rock man

  7. Why is there no Racial Festures or even Class Feautures shown when making a Character on Ps4?? Just a tiny text explaining who the race n class are, no Spells/buffs or even the tiny Video showing the Class combat like youra is doing…

  8. I feel like Jackie Chan in Rush Hour with the way he speaks: "Do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth!?"

  9. Huh this might be actually a MMO whee I can really just relax too- without needing to worry about PVP mechanics to a PvE style game. Like most MMO's suffer from. I'll have to give this a look at on the PS4 and give it a shot- though after seeing all these classes and races. Going be hard of what I want to play…that and since I am somewhat sick. This game might help me keep my mind off of it and kill some time lol.

  10. I don't really like how some classes have to be specific to gender/race. With the valkyrae only being female it makes sense because thats what they actually are but for the reaper/ninja where you can only play as a little girl… it tics me off.

  11. I have two characters, the ninja and the Valkyrie, I wanted to have a 3rd slot for the brawler but at the start of the game, you can only have 2 slots, my two characters are at lv 15, should I delete one of them or wait until I get enough gold to buy a character slot from the broker !!.

  12. Trash customization, trash new class implementation with having them all be nasty little loli races!!!

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