T E T R I S ' D : Remastered (Episodes 1-4, Rising & More)

This series is not recommended for viewers under 13. This should be instantly obvious from the introduction logo featuring bloody blades. Past that, the series features a character that will be crushed to death, impaled, shot or blown to pieces should he fail to survive. Deliberately designed without a colorful palette to portray the drab and hopeless world of the apocalypse.

The complete series from beginning to end, remastered to fill your screen. Smoother animation, refined graphics, new designs, extra scenes. More than just a simple collection, this is truly the definitive TETRIS’D experience.

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Music by Overcrest:

Nguồn: https://nearmeminer.com/

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29 thoughts on “T E T R I S ' D : Remastered (Episodes 1-4, Rising & More)

  1. "And so, the human race has survived, and no one knew where these mysterious aliens came from. All we know is that there is probably more out there turning worlds into steel, and they may return to finish what they have started. It is only a matter of time."

  2. Holy shit the last time I saw was Tetris'd 3
    Now theres a 4 and he actually took down the invaders

  3. In the beginning… the whole Tetris army/navy/Air Force took over the Capital Stickman city. But in end

    One single stick figure destroyed everything

  4. 0:00 Intro
    0:06 Rising
    2:25 Tetris'd 1
    3:13 Boss 1
    4:38 Tetris'd 2
    5:36 Boss 2
    7:28 Tetris'd 3
    9:24 Boss 3
    10:34 Tetris'd 4
    13:43 Boss 2 (return)
    14:38 Boss 1 (return)
    15:17 Tetris'd End
    15:56 Video End

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