Surprisingly Fun! | Venus Eleven

Is this the game what i’ve been looking for all along?


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Outro : When the Rune Sparkles/Macross Delta 8bit (by Studio Megaane)


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33 thoughts on “Surprisingly Fun! | Venus Eleven

  1. I'm playing JP version and I got five Legends that are coming soon to EN (except Eva). JP version is more developed.

  2. Need subtitles for out of story dialogue, like in the home screen or when you check the voices. The inbox system is irritation incarnate, just directly collect the loot smh. Also, unique animations for all the characters' personal non-outfit moves would be nice. Some like Reine (knight girl) have unique animations in their default moves but most have to make do with unique but unsubtitled dialogue.

  3. Cute stuff, great animation on this one!
    I find it super amusing that the name is inspired by Inazuma Eleven but the gameplay is 16bit Captain Tsubasa all the way.

  4. Stop recommending me good games with your stellar reviews; my wallet is suffering you amazing bastard.

  5. "Simular to GFL", yes because a cute soccer waifu gacha is simular to the dystopian hellscape that is Girl's Frontline

  6. Was laughing at the animations the entire video and how crazy it is that we have a soccer gatcha in the sea of fantasy gacha. Definitely gonna have to try this out, game play looks really interesting. Helps that I somewhat like soccer too

  7. Does it contain ptsd, guns and especially that dreaded thing called the hydra
    If not I'll have to pass because that's the minimum now adays

  8. Damn, the gameplay looks awesome and very deep. Not a fan of the art direction, nor of football, so I'll pass, but it looks cool

  9. I found that game on QooApp but since i've already played Girls Frontline and World Flipper i can't really play other game (cause school is started tomorrow), anyway if you want more waifu and some eye candy you can play that game

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