Space game background design with Inkscape! – time lapse version

In this short time lapse video I show you how to create a space game background with Inkscape!
First we draw the backgrounds, add some stars, nebulas, and than planets and meteors! And with a few assets only, we can make a nice living game background in an hour!

Want to learn the details?
Want me to explain every step and tool?
You can watch this lecture full time as part of my new course about creating parallax ready game backgrounds!

Join me and you will

+ learn about theory of creating engaging 2D game background design

+ learn to use Inkscape for vector game art

+ and create 4 different parallax ready game backgrounds:
– a simple but hot desert background,
– a galactic background for vertical space shooters,
– a big city background with skyscrapers
– and my favorite, the magical forest background!

If you want to create awesome backgrounds for your course,
join my class today for $16 only!

If you want to grab a good deal, you can get this course and 6 of my other game design courses for $79 here, as part of the Gamer Bundle! After that I will adjust the price of the bundle because of this new addition. Go to:


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