Smurfs to the Rescue Game from Pressman Toy

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Based on the movie The Smurfs 2, Smurfs to the Rescue Game is a preschool game where players must be the first to get from Paris to Smurf Village. Players take turns turning over a card and moving their Smurf mover to the space of that color or picture on the game board. Some of the cards have only a solid colored square on them, which means you move your Smurf mover to the next space of that color on the board.

The Jewel and Candy cards can either help you or hurt you. If you draw one of these cards, depending on where the space shown is located on the board, you may have to move forward to it or backward to it. Vexy cards are never helpful because when you draw one of these cards, you must go backward to the nearest Vexy space.

In order to make it to Smurf Village, you must draw a plain yellow card, which is the final color square on the board, to win.

The game comes with a game board, cards, four Smurf movers, and four mover stands. The game is for two to four players.


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