SHUT DOWN ! (July 31st 2020) : Venus Eleven

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The #1 anime dating and soccer simulation game with over 2.5 million downloads in Japan is now available in English!

Think you have what it takes to manage a soccer squad of lovely ladies? These girls are counting on your help to rise through the ranks of soccer stardom! Scout, train, and date 100+ girls as you work your way to building the greatest team around!

● Discover 100+ dateable players, each with their own distinct personalities!
● Interact with each girl—will your choice result in a good or bad ending?
● Unlock hundreds of different scenarios and uniforms that unravel each girl’s story.
● Enjoy gorgeous visuals and full voice-acting from famous Japanese voice actresses!

● Switch between 2 control modes, Manual or Semi-Auto, to suit your play style.
● Train your squad to the coveted S-Venus Rank and unleash their full potential!
● Unleash cinematic special moves to outwit your opponents, unique to each character!
● Show off your soccer skills in leagues to earn new characters, uniforms, and more.

An accident may have left you in a state of amnesia, but your knack for soccer is as strong as ever! After waking up in a hospital room, your assistant urges you to get back into the game as manager in order to regain your lost memories.

Train, compete, and scout your way back to your former glory alongside your growing team of soccer sirens in this one-of-a-kind hybrid of dating and soccer management!

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45 thoughts on “SHUT DOWN ! (July 31st 2020) : Venus Eleven

  1. On behalf of many gamers we are saddened by these more executive decisions and very bad publicity because VENUS ELEVEN is not a bad project, I thank you for such valuable information.
    Now I am more convinced to download the JP version, it is good that there are players who send us these details.
    For those of us who do not want this great tournament to end, those of us who never want to stop celebrating a goal of our ideal 11, those who, as we say in South America, are soccer fans "Vamos a dar la vuelta", this phrase means: Win the tournament and celebrate in a big way. I have enjoyed this game, I have had very challenging games, which as I enjoy them, and therefore when my team wins, I celebrate in a big way …
    Thank you….!!!
    Could you mention the download page for the JP version?

  2. I have downloaded the JP version and I can easily tell that it is 3 years ahead of the WW(world wide) version. Not to mention there is a lot more players there, a lot more contents and costumes. You can even play as the rival Manager Arisa and the manager Assistant Tsugumi.

  3. I streamed the game a while back. I set Okuda Hikari as my captain even though I had stronger units because I liked her much more than the other Waifus. Never got her Gothic Lolita Bikini outfit but it was fun while it lasted.

  4. This was a game I played daily and it had a active community because my friend list was always maxed out with active players and always had new requests but oh well.
    J just another victim of covid19.

  5. The girls are cute but it takes so much more than just cute girls. There are TONS of cute anime girls out there for people to fap to, if you want people to fap to your girls, they gotta have so much more than just a pretty face, they gotta have the personality and story behind them too. It's probably why Azur Lane and Fate Grand Order gets so many lewds. Azur Lane might not have the story like FGO but they DEFINITELY have the personality.

  6. Don't worry FG, even if you did play the game, your analysis of why it failed in America would be mostly wrong anyways.

  7. I tried this game and yeah it was pretty decent. The reason I didn't continue because I could tell the playerbase was pretty minuscule and could tell this game was gonna shut down in the future. Which is a shame.
    I also didn't see any advertisements for this game at all. Got lucky and someone on reddit mentioned this game.

  8. Damn :/
    Spent a dollar last month but even then I knew it was going to die since all social media had 0 comments and reddit had only 2 active people on it.
    I honestly would've spent more on it if it had just a bit more player base but I had my fun and that single dollar was money well spent for what little time I'll have with the game.

  9. Problem was they haven't advertised it that much, if I heard that there was a dating sim gacha then I would have immediately played it.

  10. Rip football waifus like i never played it but on First look I like that game one of those more relaxing anime games.

  11. 4:30 It's like Amrica started a saying "No, OURS is the only REAL football! LOL" as a meme and forgot to let go and now they truly only look their American handball football.

  12. FG playing games that's about to shut down just so that he can get isekai'd to the game like overlord

  13. I played this game for quite a while. The gameplay is pretty good imo but the match was meh and weird, the stamina recharge also very slow

    So long my waifus team 🙁

  14. Game was super fun, even knowing nothing about the sport. One of few games I never put on auto. Sadly, it couldn't stand up against all the other competition for my time. I guess if I ever feel like going back I'll just finally try Inazuma Eleven.

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