Sega Game Gear Peripherals / Accessories Collection | Quick Look

Welcome to our Sega Gear Gear Peripherals Collection video.

Here DreamcastUK has a quick look over some of the Sega Game Gear attachments that are still used to this day on the Sega Game Gear.

We also have a brief look at a few of our games in the collection.


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6 thoughts on “Sega Game Gear Peripherals / Accessories Collection | Quick Look

  1. Just subbed. I actually had the game gear and the tv tuner when I was young and the magnifying glass screen enhancer.

  2. When i had my gamegear back in the day i was always jealous of a mate who had the tv tuner! as i wanted one .. never got one though 🙁 play gamegear games on my vita quite often on the move! Great collection there guys!

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