SCP-1678 – UnLondon 🇬🇧 : Object Class – Euclid : Subterranean SCP

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SCP-1678 – UnLondon : Object Class – Euclid : Subterranean SCP

Item #: SCP-1678

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1678 remains only partially contained. Mobile Task Forces Tau-4 and Epsilon-6 have succeeded in establishing a defensible perimeter around the Hyde Park district of SCP-1678, with cases of SCP-1678-A largely ceasing their attacks on the perimeter of the Foundation-held area. A long-term research base is currently under construction, and Mobile Task Force commanders are preparing an assault on the SCP-1678 Natural History Museum with the intent of capturing a forward command post to direct defense efforts. Current short-term aims involve the capture of, and extension of the defensible perimeter to, the SCP-1678 Natural History Museum, and to research and to ascertain the origins, construction, and weaknesses of the SCP-1678-A entities. Long-term aims involve efforts to halt, hinder, or control the production of the SCP-1678-A entities, and to assault the SCP-1678 Houses of Parliament, where the being, entity, or intelligence responsible for the creation of SCP-1678 is believed to reside, and to capture and contain the aforementioned being.

Everything in this video was created by me, used with permission (proof can be provided without question) or it exists in the public domain.


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44 thoughts on “SCP-1678 – UnLondon 🇬🇧 : Object Class – Euclid : Subterranean SCP

  1. 1 kilometer isnt that deep. How could London have a functioning sewer system? Wouldn't UnLondon interfere with that? Like the pipes and stuff would go through it. Also. A nuke would break the ground enough to bury the city into UnLondon and both would be destroyed

  2. I’m surprised that the Foundation doesn’t purchase large amounts SCP 1678-D for their D-Class populations. I guess it could influence other tests.

  3. Unlondon SCP-1678 during When day breaks SCP-001. We need this but it will never happen due to you know what.

  4. What if unlondon is real and we all came out of it after a scp took over the world but eventually died and all the scps with it. Just something to think about…

  5. the announcer guy whose on the PA is such a true brit, his ideology is literally 'let it pass'. it kinda reminds me of the attitude most brits had in WWII during the many bombings they endured, staying jolly and friendly in bunkers and in train stations alike.

  6. i'm years late but this could damn well be a game
    can anyone inform me if theres any legal stuff i need to know about making an SCP game, such as licensing, or is the entire wiki open to public domain?

  7. Another scp channel made a video about scp001 when day breaks event and how people are in unlondon and that unlondon is falling due to huge amounts of scp 001-a entites

  8. this reminds me of the fable 3's understone dlc I think it was called its been a while, because it's got very similar security systems where robots made of the dead citizens and the pre-recorded voice messages of wartime propaganda, especially with the clockwork pigeons acting as security cameras I'm sure the dlc had some sort thing like that if you can still play or find the gameplay of understone I recommend you give it a look its very similar.

  9. So the wonderfood is the grey shit that the Leviathans in 'Supernatural' were feeding to people to make them ore complaint. Be like Dean, don't eat the leaky sandwiches!!!

  10. That is grim. It sounds like a early attempt at a bunker. But big. By the Foundation maybe? It's a flawed bunker. Maybe it's run by a magic mechanical computers etc. And the furthef away from one it goes the less sense the buildings make. Odd there's no people there. Other than the ones who escape, the Wretches. It's got SCPs in. So maybe it's a precaution against various potential disasters. Abandoned now. Or rarely used. They though they were going to get invaded by monsters, aliens, etc.

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