Readers Rides – Honda VFR 800 Review

I frequently get requests to not only review new motorbikes but some favourite second hand machines too and that’s where my series “Readers Rides” comes in. In this very special episode I get to ride a classic touring bike that I’ve had my eye (and ears) on for many a year, the brilliant Honda VFR800 Vtec….and this particular bike isn’t any ol’ machine and certainly isn’t a garage queen….

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36 thoughts on “Readers Rides – Honda VFR 800 Review

  1. Got this bike in 2004 and i still own it. Same color. 100 000km. Works prefectly! The problem for you guys is to find one lol! I will keep this thing til my last breath !

  2. Missed this til now ! Great vid, I had two whilst having a BMW GS and K1300r……..have to say I had to be strict with myself not to hop on the VFR all the time, sold the last one to justify the keeping the BMW but sort of wish It had been the BMW.

  3. Some negative things I would add:
    -it really drinks too much when you ride hard (the big tank didn't last more than 200kms once…)
    -the vtec transition is no problem at all BUT: if the transition zone happens to be at your cruising rev, it will annoyingly go on and off…
    -it wasn't slow but not a beast either, I'd say really good for what it was meant for.

    On the positive:
    -Nice comprise between touring and sport position.
    -Very very capable bike. It is easy to ride and reaching limits is esay. First bike I got to the end of the front tire.
    -Very tough bike: mine ended in a head on collision with a car (I got cut off despite riding under the speed limit). The car was totalled but I could have economically saved the bike if the insurance didn't ask new parts rather than used.

  4. I have a 2003 on Micron pipes, and a PowerCommander, and have owned it since 2005. I love it. I have had and ridden god knows how many other bikes since then, and I keep coming back to it. I will never sell it. And the engine! OMG. ❤️
    Oh and I opened the motor up for cam chains and tensioners at 100k, and it needed NOTHING. Bores, rings, pistons, valves, NOTHING. 👌🏽 HONDA !

  5. Vtech "kick" depends on how hard you twist the throttle and what gear you're in … if you reef on the throttle in 1st through 3rd you def get a noticeable kick (currently riding a 2005 VFR800) if you just roll it on its almost imperceptible.

  6. I need help , i have a 2004 vfr , 54k kms done … I changed the cam chain and tensioners. Bike is percent until then ,, the front left cylinder started missfiring .. other cylinders are perfect , timing is perfect … can you please help me

  7. Just chopped in my NC750X for a 2016 VFR800F with titanium Acrapovic slip on pipe., and Honda panniers. Just like the one Richy tested in the Lake District in 2019. So smooth and much quicker than the NC. Looking forward to putting some miles on it

  8. Hi TMF, I love your channel and I´m happy to see an affordable bike under your review (unfortunately so short)! Two things I just can´t understand about this guy: 1. Why wouldn´t you let anyone ride your 03´VFR? It has literally no value with this mileage (so even to replace it crashed would be cheaper then to buy a mountainbike) and 2. how can you run a motovolg not knowing what is the power of your bike. I mean, if you had like 10 bikes and ride this one sporadically, but to make over 100K km on a bike not knowing the basic specs :o) I just don´t get it.. I guess I´m the strange guy here then.. I let anyone ride my bikes and I know almost everything about it and I haven´t even started my mvlog yet :o))) P.S. I didn´t mean to critisice, I´m just amazed..

  9. Ok, the next bikes I recommend you try on Readers Rides should be a Cagiva V-Raptor 1000, then an Yamaha FZ750. Then finishing with a Suzuki TL1000R. So basically most of the bikes I’ve owned, love to hear what you think of them. 👍🏻😉. Great channel, what all content you post.

  10. Still got my blackbird…. Never part with it.
    Now I've just started restoring an 81 goldwing… The bike that started my love affair with motorcycles a shade over 40 years ago… Thanks dad… 😊

  11. If you want to try a VFR750, give me a shout..
    VFRs are fantastic machines, and Riches will soon be run in, and in its prime…

  12. Future classic for sure, twin exhaust pipes, stylish looks, iconic vtec engine, reliable & tough. Awesome bike

  13. I don’t know if you can still get it? Honda used to make a larger windscreen for the VFR 800, basically it was only ¾ of inch taller but the difference it made was enormous… Well worth every penny.

  14. I have a 2004 with an Ohlins, revalved fork, PC, dynotune, CZ wheels, Leo Vince exhaust, and other upgrades. The bike makes 101 hp and 54 ft/lbs. torque. It’s fun as long as I keep the RPMs up. Every now and again I think about selling it, but I just cannot do it!

  15. Greetings from the US of A……..On camera the bike looks to be in showroom condition. V4's do have such a unique and sweet sound. Both of you, enjoy your channels and instagrams…..

  16. The VFR800 is definitely my favourite bike except from my current girl k1600 GA. I do regret getting rid of my VFR and may consider Getting one again. Good Vid.

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