r/Games Hilarious Self Own! Gamers are to Problematic!

When people don’t behave like you want them to just Shut it All DOWN! that’s the correct and proper way to do things in the Glorious Third Reddit!

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37 thoughts on “r/Games Hilarious Self Own! Gamers are to Problematic!

  1. Islamophobia is fear of islam-folk… and be afraid, their book literally says to kill christians and Jews, and to surround them, hunt the down and make life a living hell…. same goes with those that reject the Islamic Faith. Just google it, you'll find the passages in that book that mentions this.

  2. Reddit: We believe in diversity!
    {Proceeds to ban anyone who has an opinion that diverges with their own!}

  3. We already have so few days in a year where people all over the world just come together to have some harmless fun – so of course the SJWs at Reddit decided that we can't have nice things. Calling out condescending and dismissive attitudes when they're well known for looking down on the dirty masses from their golden throne of superior morals is especially hilarious.

    Is that a positive national holiday I see? Better use it as a platform to virtue signal! Where is my soap box?! God, I love having been given power over a social network so I can proselytize to the masses!

    Yes, let's open our doors and show compassion to the poor, downtrodden and helpless fringe outcasts. The amount of sheer superiority they exude by phrasing it like that makes me sick. Those people don't need your help. They're already welcome among gamers and your futile and condescending gesture is pointless and unwelcome. Go live out your white savior complex somewhere else. Nobody is excluding anyone and you're not some sort of noble crusader holding the line for the marginalized.

  4. I wish I didn't see how Arch looks like. I imagined him almost like some sort of a tech priest, alas now… Ehhhh ^^

  5. Their examples of bigotry were a very mixed bag indeed. Some were objectively quite bad, but a lot of them were just ranting nonsense.

    But I think a better question is why people are discussing gender, race, identity politics and SJWs on a game reddit? Aren't there other forums for that?

    If the mods had simply said they were removing off-topic stuff like that because it was off-topic, most people would understand (i think). But they fuck up and try to play politics instead, just like the people they are banning.

    My days of not taking Reddit seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

  6. I rather enjoyed this as it almost seems like if it is possible to give feelings to something then we should be expected too. 🙂

  7. The ctrl left is going to be the people who advocate for AI and VI rights because they're "oppressed" or "enslaved" and will bring down the fall of humanity. They will willingly give SkyNet it's self awareness to try and virtue signal and feel good about hiding their own racism/sexism/etc.

  8. I would concider myself left and silencing people whose obinion you disagree with is the last left thing you can do. I am baffeled how these people are so convinced that they are left themselves.

  9. the pro pedophelia example was clearly a overexaggerated example. its literally supposed to be over extreme.
    serious, are those guys bots, that don´t understand what jokes are? irony? sarcasm? context?

  10. I´m just a fucking white male, but I think all these example comments weren´t really that bad. many of them are true. but then again, they never said these comments are wrong, just that they are undesireable.

    and every freedom loving, critical thinking western human should fear Islam and its thread to us and the entire human race.

  11. One thing nobody seems to consider is that if female Space Marines were a thing they'd come out of the genetic modification looking basically identical to their male counterparts.

  12. Tearing apart SJWs and a face cam? I see hanging out with Sargon has had an effect on you. you should do it more 👍

  13. I hate all the libtard leftist shit that has become mainstream now, the fun police and 'anti racist' bullshit. Nobody can take a joke. Equally though I find some of Arch's statements hard to stomach. I kinda just want him to stick to lore, that's what made me love his channel.

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