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Still working hard on the big surprise video, but in the meantime, I worked up an FAQ for the channel using the Q&A meme : ) I tried to keep the answers and questions simple for readability.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE 500K! The video to celebrate will come!! Hopefully this month or the next! :’ )

EDIT: Forgot to mention the original:
The Keith and Lance plushes are a test, in which means that if they do well, I will be making plushes of other characters too! : ) Maybe even Crybaby and Toughguy plushes?

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Who are these guys? They are my ocs! Their names are Dario/Toughguy (brown haired) and Garrett/Crybaby (blond ponytail), a couple you can check out on my Tumblr blog linked below! Crybaby and Toughguy are their school personas, though, and a soft reset on the two : )

Are they your personas? No, they are not! They are original characters that I created and are in no way related to me or anyone else.

Are they boys or girls? They are two boys in a relationship! You’re free to headcanon, but please don’t think Crybaby’s gender is any different simply because he likes skirts!

What programs do you use to make this?
Paint Studio Sai for the art, and Sony Vegas for the animation!

What about you? I’m Skaroy! I’m a guy that likes drawing guys liking guys : ) He/him, thank you!

How do I submit fanart? Visit my Tumblr blog linked below and either submit it, link it in an ask, or @ my blog, insta, or twitter!

My tumblr blog:
My fanart blog:
My twitter: @_Skaroy_
My insta:

Nguồn: https://nearmeminer.com/

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47 thoughts on “Q&A Meme | DareGare

  1. Gosh, you've all been too kind, thank you!! I didn't expect such positive responses for this video (I was worried it was just too boring since it's a FAQ video, haha) But I'm excited to finish the big video soon, hope you're excited too!!

    I answered this elsewhere, but will paste this here too: Just to be clarify bc I think I worded it bad, their official stories begin with them being 16 and ends at late 18 yrs old. The comics and videos take place outside/aftermath of the story, so while they can be anywhere from 16-18 yrs old, I usually consider them to be late 18/early 19 yrs old. : )

    Edit: I hope y'all didn't miss the loss reference in the video. : ' (

  2. Reporter: what are your genders?
    My teacher: pulls out multiplication table LETS TAKE YOU BACK TO FORTH GRADE!

  3. Люди русские, это парни или девушки:")
    Они то с грудью, то без, то в платье, то в джинцах:")

  4. WHAT!! DUDE!! SO ALL THE TIME I SEE THEIR VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE… 😮 I thought she… I mean he is a girl… But I'm fine with that 😆 but wow haha and thanks for making this video

  5. Ok I gotta say Thanks SO much 4 this cause I honestly had NO! Idea if Garath was a girl or gay.. also, very cute ^^

    Actually, I really liked it. The answers are cool and I will expect only the best. Thanks for this video! (sorry for my bad english, I'm from Russia…)

  7. وش ذي الحاله يلي عايش فيها !!💖☁💙☁💙☁
    يارب تمشي هاي الحاله يارب!!!💕
    حسبي الله ونعلم وكيل☺💙☁💕💕

    يلي..مايدري ليش.اني،دااحطيا.جلوب.علمود.مايفتهمني.الخرا.

  8. تأكل خيرا لو انا هسى أجي أطعمة هيا

    يلي ما يعرف انجليزي ذا مثلي وأنا ضد المثليه ياثول

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