Pimp My Sega Game Gear

Unboxing Sega Game Gear:
Mini Gameboy – Bittboy Review:


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34 thoughts on “Pimp My Sega Game Gear

  1. It turns out the cleaning kit is FOR THE DAMN CARTRIDGES. 😂 Thanks for letting me know guys, i'm such a twat. 😩🔫

  2. i need two battery covers for the Majesco version but i cant tell in the pictures if they are the gray for normal game gear or black for Majesco 🙁 man, shoppings hard.

  3. I had some like that before. You need to take the wipers, put solution on them, run them in the cleaning cartridge, put the cartridge into the system and remove it and inserted about three or four times to clean the contacts inside the system.

  4. Who uses duracell for game gear? I use some cheap batteries since why spend a lot of money on duracell when they will be dead in ~6 hours.

  5. Watching this in 2020, laughing hard at you getting jiggy and drinking the cleaning fluid, BUT now I need this pack and none are on Ebay

  6. most Parents would not buy you this as a Kid i guess, getting them to buy you the Stupidly Expensive games back then was already pretty hard…

  7. use the pink cartridge and use the solution on the bottom of it then stick it in the game gear and wiggle around. that's what that does. lol

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