Overwatch Soldier 76 Is Gay And Gamers Are MAD

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Blizzard recently revealed that Overwatch’s Soldier 76 HAS THE BIG GAY and it’s canon. This led to some epic gamers being very mad and calling everything SJW & LGBT propaganda. It’s pretty sad. Let’s talk about it.
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29 thoughts on “Overwatch Soldier 76 Is Gay And Gamers Are MAD

  1. A lot of ppl who disagree with me here in the comments actually have pretty valid points. I wanted to look at this situation without the context of the other criticisms Blizzard has been getting, because the majority of the outrage online doesn’t mention any of it, it’s all just “gay dude bad”. But yeah I get why some people would disagree with this video, it’s cool and I’m all up for a discussion in the comments.

  2. I didn’t realize that anyone cared about Overwatch enough to get upset over this. Isn’t it suppose to be classic characters like comic book protagonists from decades ago that we should be questioning suddenly being force to be gay. This game came out like what one or two years ago? How is their already enough people interested in these characters to complain about them being gay? Did Soldier 76 even have An actual personality?

  3. Man… You're russian you support gay people AND trans people?? I'm so fucking glad I found your channel I can't even. I've seen like 2 and a half straight male russian youtubers who say anything respectful about trans people. So glad you're not afraid to talk about it

  4. Nobody is mad that he is gay, and nobody cares if a character is gay, non-white, or a female.. I'm actually working on a comic, which is also going to be turned into a game (beat-em-up game), in which the main character happens to be gay, and somewhat based on someone I know, who has had a VERY interesting life, and happens to be gay.. When I showed some people at my school (gamers/comic readers), as well as work.. Nobody seemed to care, and were mostly fascinated with the CHARACTER, and STORY- but also thought how his relationship with his guy was treated, was interesting, cool, and they learned something new (without being lectured to, or constantly reminded of the character's sexuality)… Unfortunately this isn't what happens with many games, comics, and movies now.. It seems like people want to either turn the character gay (which they either weren't before, or it just wasn't important to even talk about), for click bait, and social points, and or constantly focus on a character's gender, sexuality, or ethnicity..

    It is clearly pandering, and tokenism, and this is what people roll their eyes at.. Like when the creator of Kratos, comes out saying Kratos is gay, just to pander, and appeal to gays- during pride month. If Kratos was gay at the start, cool no problem, but now all of a sudden because you want that pat on the back- you declare he's gay. He got called out for this, and back-peddled it, which was so embarrassing, and funny. This Overwatch thing, was done for the same reason, but they did it first, and got away with it. When the creator of Kratos, tried the very same thing.. It just didn't work lol.

    There have been plenty non-white, non-male, and gay characters in games, comics, movies, and anime, in the past- and nobody cared.. Because it was their story, and character that was the focus, as it should be.. Not their sexuality.

  5. Honestly I couldn’t care less about people’s sexuality, but I just think it’s stupid that people want ANY sexuality in a character where it doesn’t matter, I would 100% understand if it was a story game, but it’s not, I don’t even understand why they need to make a character straight

  6. Instead of making a charecter gay, why not create a gay character. Its wierd Blizzard didnt just admit him being gay from the beginning, It seems like Blizzard is pandering to the LGBTQ community just for financial gain. He dosent seem gay, he seems like someone who has strong views about gays back in 1950s

  7. Overwatch was made by fucking buzzfeed
    And they are going for 4chan of gaming:
    Gmod, assemble!

  8. I thought all of the overwatch characters were gay. So this isn't news. They never confirmed that anyone was straight, so…

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