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Tomy Whooshers wacky water game Neptunes Tricky Trident, Flip reviews this classic 80s retro toy, there were lots of Tomy water games back in the 80s and 90s and Flip reviews the Whooshers Neptunes Tricky Trident, a cool retro toy.

Did you have Tomy Whooshers wacky water games Neptunes tricky Trident or any other retro water games toys? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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14 thoughts on “Neptunes Tricky Trident Tomy Water Game | Odd Pod

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  2. THIS is YouTube done right. This is exactly what this platform was made for, these fun creative videos. Another good review.

  3. I remember having a few of these when I was younger! I forget exactly which ones. I remember small ones along with the larger ones.

  4. Love the Channel. Just purchased the whole Magnum PI DVD SET. love 80 s nostalgia. I have subscribed to your channel channel forever. Love love it.

  5. One of my earliest memories is playing with one of these water games with my sister at a doctor's office. Don't remember many details besides it having rings and seeming huge.

  6. Really cool video! I loved these as a kid. I had that blue money one on the box, and a big yellow Pac-Man one. This one is especially cool, as its "upside down" with floating parts that you "woosh" downward, most of them were non floating parts that you wooshed upwards to try and get them onto targets.

  7. I think I had the Sonic one as well. I remember them being really difficult and they were school fair fodder.

    The line “Trident killing Fish, apparently” killed me

  8. First. When I was younger had a two phone water game and one of a bigger one to. They are fun for a little while.

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