MMX Engine Demo

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Check my new Mega Man X Engine Open Source
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• X, Zero and Iris giant sprites – made by Maverick Blue Warrior
• X, Zero, Bass.EXE and Iris Mugshots – made by Maverick Blue Warrior
• Bass.EXE sprites – made by Dragon Developer (me), Maverick Blue Warrior (Thomas Light) and Max. (Also thanks to Patwick)
• Level Design – made by leo souza
• Giga Death sprite – Solren
• Lancer Guy sprite – Olim
• Thanks to yesilovenachos for helping me with dialogues
Zero Stage 1 (
Sigma Battle Snes Style (Raven Jerint):
Note: Iris is not complete


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28 thoughts on “MMX Engine Demo

  1. The name technique for the flip slash in your Zero menu is incorrect , Kuuenbu is for the double jump , the right name is Kuuenzan , and the flip slash x5 name didn't appear when you change it , i recommend you to put all Zero skills name in Japanese versions and X in english *I don't know how to explain but I just thought it would be cooler*, back to flip slash x5 name , Mikazukikan was it name , I love your project, keep up the good work !!

  2. Absolutely amazing, man. Really, you should be extremely proud of yourself. I hope you’ll continue to improve this and add more features.

  3. so out of curiosity, and i'm trying real hard to keep an open mind and not be an asshole about it
    but what part of "made for the x++ project" and the request not to just grab and use for whatever else on the music wasn't clear in the original description

  4. Que coisa linda, apesar de eu estar mais acustumado com os Sprites do PS1, esse jogo tá lindo d+, jogar isso seria um sonho realizado

    E o X vai ter o Z saber que nem no X6?

  5. Iris being playable caught me off guard at first but I think it’s a very creative addition which I’m looking forward to seeing. Wall jumping is much better now. So far, this engine is incredible! I’m looking forward to see what else is to come!

  6. Man, Bass.EXE is sure a lot of trouble. The only way i could cheat the lightning attack is by touch him. I only able to defeat him with Black Zero (and it's seems that Hyoretsuzan doesn't work for some reason.) (Also, it took me a lot of attempt just to learn his trick.)

  7. 20XX baby!!! I hope we can create some epicness with this! Can't wait to download and begin working on some stuff!!! A 2D MMX Dive would be nice. Lol

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