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MINI Cooper hatchback 2014 review:
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Unlike the 1959 original, today’s BMW-developed MINI is an expensive ‘premium’ small hatchback. That hasn’t stopped thousands flooding the roads, and an extensive options list means it’s easy to make every MINI feel unique. Excellent resale values and economical engines make owning a MINI cheaper than you’d think, too. Six versions, from the basic First to the high performance John Cooper Works offer something for everyone, unless you need much space for luggage or rear passengers, that is. All versions share the same quality feel and are brilliant fun to drive.

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26 thoughts on “MINI Cooper hatchback review – Carbuyer

  1. Harsh ride nothing to do with suspension … its bmw choice of run flat tyres .. most people realised this and switched to non run flat. at least do your research. And complaining about a deliberately small car being small is like complaining a bus is too slow .

  2. So, it doesn't have much rear space or boot space, who would have thought it? Maybe the clue was in its name Mini, doh.

  3. i am 74 years old and I have purchased my very first mini cooper and have to say I bloody well love it, its fast, sporty , over the years I have had mainly  big cars 2.5 to 3 ltr engines and always diesel.  hope im alive at 85 because  iwant to drive this car till the guys with wings take me up there haha

  4. Mini does look a lot better as a three door, don’t like the new 5 doors! Maybe they should’ve done what Renault did with their Clio and abscured the extra doors in the styling.

  5. Too me these cars are expensive copies, when bmw made these they completely missed the point of the mini, for a start its no longer mini, its actually considerably bigger, its no longer 100% british, its no longer cheap to buy or easy to repair and before some people say but its much better, as a car it is better to a point, its actually not bad car but its just another over sized, over priced bmw, the original mini is the only mini.

  6. That thing is abigger than a Mk4 Golf now. I like the 1st geb BMW mini, Mk2 was okay aswell but this thing is huge now

  7. Just cant get over how si11y this reviewer is. Does not have mych space… because its called a mini. Not a mac truck.

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