Mini Cooper 2019 review: 5-door

The Mini Cooper five door hatch is not the first car you think of when you talk about a family, but Nedahl Stelio puts it to the test for a whole week with her family of four.

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40 thoughts on “Mini Cooper 2019 review: 5-door

  1. I got a 2019 cooper with LED and internal lights. It's beautiful.
    You guys need to look at the emerald gray. Do get a JCW finish.

  2. Nice to see a review on something other than a Cooper S or JCW
    Got to add 👍 for the actual real life uses commentary

  3. ER…. The Kia Picanto. Your kids gave 6.5 or something. This little 'posh' car was 8.5 I think. Maybe they've inherited up market taste as so called 'premium brands' get extra cache…. I guess that's good in an inverted kind of way.

  4. You are a charming reviewer. I purchased a MINI five door this year and I simply love the car. I was less enthusiastic about too many MINI gimmicks and actually preferred the basic model which downplays some of the 'fun' 'zaniness' in favor of continuum. A base model five door is lower and less airy than the Countryman and comes in around 24K. I wasn't in the market for an expensive car and feel that most of the MINI fluff can be stripped away leaving the essence of what makes these cars great at a very competitive price. Firstly and foremost it feels like a CAR. My MINI is a manual and that feature, combined with the lightweight body, responsive steering, stiff suspension and quick acceleration/braking make this a total driving experience that would be hard to find at this price-point. Everything about the car build feels solid and well thought out. As you pointed out, it is very nice to see and feel the work they put into making this car, itself, and not just a rehash of all the other cars at it's price-point on the market. After owning the car for nine months I still smile every time I get in it. I still turn and look at it every time I park it. And that is what I really wanted, a car that engaged me for not a lot of money. I don't pretend it's a performance car or even a car-enthusiasts choice. I enjoy it because it does so many things well in a totally engaging package. The gas mileage is also above 35mpg average which is icing on the cake. MINI's do seem to rub some people the wrong way. Perhaps it feels unsubstantial or flakey. But my experience here in NYC has been excellent. And I can park this on the street in spots that most cars cannot hope to get into. For those who just can't imagine buying a car with such a stylish artsy interior not to worry, you get used to it quickly.

  5. That is NOT a 2019 model. All new models, as standard, come with front/rear LEDS, touch screen & steering wheel controls.

  6. At 5:52 you say the car has both Apple carplay & Android Auto, They only have Apple car play in North America. Do you really have both? On the Australia website it says: WIRELESS APPLE® CARPLAY . link:

  7. Great review, I just ordered one last night. This will be my 3rd Mini Cooper, the only issues I have had was a defective battery on my 2nd Cooper S. My leases have been 4 years and the warranty is 4 years so if anything should happen like my battery it is 100% covered by mini/BMW, the only thing not covered is brakes. ( in Canada), The customer service I have experienced has been excellent.

  8. Wanted to get a Countryman Cooper S in 2011 but walked because the demonstrator car had so many creaks and rattles and interior fit and finish was poor. A couple of months ago we revisited the brand when looking to replace our second car. We drove a 5-door Mini hatchback with less than 30 miles on it and again we walked. Ridiculous amount of creaking from the dash in the area of the main instrument binnacle and noises from the central console and the doors too. The controls for the electric windows and mirror adjustment creaked too and there was lots of play in them. Must have been one of the shortest test drives we've ever done when car hunting.

    We were quite disappointed, having owned Rover Minis in the past. Might revisit the Mini brand again in the future but BMW really needs to up its game. There was nothing "premium" about the two that we've tested, no matter how often a salesman used the phrase "a premium brand".

  9. For mad scientists who keep their Mini's in jars, here's a tip: why not add a slice of lemon to each jar, for freshness? Mmmmn. Minty.

  10. I love these reviews but does the cx3 ever get a break 🙄 the cx30 is coming out for that exact reason!

  11. I think if you ever tell a friend to buy a Mini, you're a pretty bad friend because anyone who does their homework would know that these things are hopelessly unreliable and have terrible customer service. Mini is right down there with the Fiat-Chrysler group, if you buy one and keep for even a few months you'll be sent broke just with parts and servicing costs. I think that all these motor journalists should mention that but never do, pretty dodgy of them tbh.

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