Minecraft SCP Foundation! – SCP-1678 '"UNLONDON"' [S2E8]


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Cory, Hooper and Triana are on their most dangerous mission yet! They are heading to SCP – 1678, UnLondon because it is no longer under control. They walk through pipes until they arrive at UnLondon.

They go to Hyde Park and find a smoking building. They think that Serpent’s Hand is behind it. SCP – 1678 – A sees Cory and begins hitting him. The start running, and begin being chased by more SCP’s. While running away, Triana is separated from Cory and Hooper.

Triana tries to find Cory and Hooper, but instead finds Duni, Big Foot and SCP – 939. She sees Duni working to make UnLondon an SCP Utopia. They hear Triana and go after her! Will they capture her? And does this mean Cory and Hooper are now in danger too? Find out the answers to this and more by watching the entire episode.

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32 thoughts on “Minecraft SCP Foundation! – SCP-1678 '"UNLONDON"' [S2E8]

  1. When I watched this video for the first time and when I went to click the like button it went from 5.6k to 5.7k

  2. SCP:6000 (Cory)

    The tapes are played by the following council member: (AKA editors)

    SCP-6000 also known as Cory.

    Cory is a block like structure with bones that are also blocks. Nobody knows where he is now. All we know is that he has a face of a Camara and can play people voices that says… "Help!" He then lures his victims (aka FOOD) and tears it from limb to limb. And swallows it. No chew is heard

  3. 4:51 uh-oh
    Someones jealous
    She didnt tell you or the LT to not die so Hah! Cory is getting some love and respect finally from someone, even if it's so minuscule

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