Ludo Board Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Ludo Game

How to play Ludo?
Ludo is a strategy board game for two to four players.
In which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die.
Ludo consists of a square board with four different colored bases in each corner.
The first colored space outside of each base is the starting position.
A path leads clockwise around the board returning to a path the same color as the base, the home column, leading to the center home triangle.
What do you need to play the Ludo board game?
A Ludo game Board.
4 sets of color tokens green, yellow, red and blue.
And One six-sided die.

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36 thoughts on “Ludo Board Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Ludo Game

  1. So question…if a doubled piece can't move if another piece has landed on it, and the piece that landed on it can't move until the doubled piece moves……how is anyone supposed to move?!?!?!

  2. And Here my brother everyday inventing new rules and killing my token… 😠 i knew it was wrong.. Anyway we don't play again.

  3. If u want play ludo king tournaments for money join this
    Link :

  4. Best game to play during quarantine.. How many of you guys don't know to play ludo and came to watch this video. Hit a ❤

  5. Excellent childhood ludo game 'Challas aath' is back. Enjoying the game with family and friends. Download and play the game.

  6. Have two questions,
    1- Let say that I reached Home without capturing any other piece, does that mean that I can not go inside home square?
    2- When I got a blocked token, how to unblock it.

  7. Okay who's watching this in quarantine where online ludo has become this big trend.

    Lol I didn't even know the rules to this.

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