Kindle Paperwhite 2016 Review – Better than a book?

This is my Kindle Paperwhite Review. Is a Kindle Paperwhite really better than a book?

BUY the Kindle Paperwhite HERE: (Amazon US,UK,DE)


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Sennheiser HD 700:

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31 thoughts on “Kindle Paperwhite 2016 Review – Better than a book?

  1. I just pre-ordered kindle paperwhite 10th gen which is gonna release in Nov 7, 2018. Cannot wait to for my kindle to deliver.

  2. Should be labeled kindle 3 since it is the same since 2015 model. It isn't the 2016 model. Music is too loud compared talking level…..

  3. Is it backlit? Isn't it frontlit? I was under the impression that the light shines from the sides onto the screen, and not from the display itself, like the iPad, eg.? Have I missed someting? I'm asking because I think the blacklit display hurts my eyes after a while, when reading in the dark, and I was under the impression that the Paperwhite should be better in that area. (I haven't read through all the comments, so I'm sorry if you already answered this). Thanks for a nice pros and cons video!

  4. Do you have problem with it not detecting your wifi? Mine most of the time can't detect my own wifi. Is it defective or is it just not compatible with our wifi?

  5. I plan to buy the AMAZON PAPERWHITE.I have a few queries regarding the same.

    1.How good is it when it comes to handling pdfs?I plan to run only pdfs on my kindle.

    2.How good is the web browser??Does it crash frequently?I plan to do a lot of research online through my kindle so if browser isnt good then i ll probably give it a pass.

  6. Your music is so irritating i almost went away from your review please calm down your music. And focus on the review of the product. Please do this favour to your video

  7. Can I buy ebooks in different languages? Or do I have to have a German account to get a german book for example?
    Thank you

  8. The video is very informative but the music is not necessary for a video like this.It kinda makes it hard to listen to voice.

  9. Can the books be read without an Internet connection? I'm considering buying a Paperwhite and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth investing in the WiFi + 3G model.

  10. it costed me $98 dollars and its perfect for the people easily stressed at work school or university studying. great way for stress relief to and wonderful way to pass time while waiting

  11. I love Kindle but I don't no why i love too read my favorites book series like sherlock Holmes and Lord of the ring of paperbook versions. when I try too read e book why there are lots of feeling miss in it…I think I have great bond with my paperbook versions.

  12. help guys .since I downloaded free ebooks from the internet and converted it into mobi file. the x-ray feature is not working.Is It only available if you bought ebook from kindle store?

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