Kim Bum, passing 'Lie detectors test'|《Mrs. Cop2》 미세스 캅2 EP03

“A New York ajumma cop’s coming!”

2016 SBS Saturday-Sunday 22:00 Drama ‘Mrs. Cop2’ maintains the drama format of ‘Mrs. Cop’ and tries to leap forward with attractive characters. Kim Hee Ae(Choi Young-Jin) takes time off from work and Kim Sung Ryoung(Ko Yoon Jung) becomes new team leader of homicide squad. A cool-headed and attractive ajumma cop, Kim Sung Ryoung returned to South Korea after training with the F.B.I. in New York. Including Kim Sung Ryoung, starring of ‘Mrs. Cop2’ are Kim Min Jong(Park Jong Ho), Kim Beom(Lee Ro Joon), Im Seul Ong(Oh Seung Il), and Son Dam Bi(Shin Yeo Ok).

‘Mrs. Cop2’ is scheduled to premiere on March 3 2016 and it airs every Sat-Sun 22:00pm.

Mrs. Cop2 미세스 캅2 EP03 20160312 SBS

Kim Bum visits Police Office and takes the lie detectors test by Kim Sung Ryoung.

김범(이로준)은 경찰서로 찾아와 김성령(고윤정)에 의해 거짓말 탐지기 조사를 받는다.

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12 thoughts on “Kim Bum, passing 'Lie detectors test'|《Mrs. Cop2》 미세스 캅2 EP03

  1. It's a win win solution…how to make a perfect villain without getting hate fron the viewers: handsome actor 🤩🤩

  2. He is such a nice actor. He is really handsome. I want him to be the biggest superstar in Korea. I just want that to happen, I hope it will happen soon.

  3. 거침없이 하이킥 이후의 김범, 해외가서 공부해서 저렇게 거물이 됬지만 성격이 삐뚤어짐..

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