How 2D Fighter Games are Animated

This is a reworking of my original video which I wasn’t entirely happy with, so please enjoy this improved, concise version.

Let’s look at some ways to animate a 2D fighting game!


0:02 – Morrigan’s Theme – Marvel v Capcom
0:50 – Whiling the Hours Away – Skullgirls
1:29 – A Road in Kyoto – Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
4:31 – Strange Sunset – Street Fighter EX3
6:10 – Precious Heart – Street Fighter III 3rd Strike
6:36 – Custom piece of music by myself

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24 thoughts on “How 2D Fighter Games are Animated

  1. Thank you

    I am making a platform fighter and this is so useful. I have a team of only myself and my forte is coding, so I didn’t know much of animation but this taught me useful thing

    Thank you, thanks a lot.

  2. People who never played skullgirls would immediately say that we play it because of fanservice, I was one of'em, but after playing it, I even forgot how fanservice-ish it is

  3. I am currently trying to build a team of hard workers to complete a video game project. Checkout my art and tell me what you think.

  4. I DARE you to do an animation episode on Sonic the Fighters, I ACTUALLY like that game and I'm a die-hard fighting game fan, Dreamcast is where it's at.

    Sonic the Fighters gets too much shit for how good that game actually is, hell you could even do it as an April Fools episode.

  5. 'Fluid and powerful animations within frame restrictions' exist only in the minds of fighting games animators and fgc crowd. And that's one of the reasons why fighting games aren't popular among gamers.

  6. BUY SKULLGIRLS its great and always goes on sale for 1-5 bucks and is honestly criminal a game this wonderfully made is usually bought at that price

  7. super interesting like always! Whats the name of the talk at 2:50 ? I cant get the worlds there.. other then that
    wish you could to some vids analyzing Pocoyo animations.. I discover it from your vids and its amazing, all ready going frame by frame on those snappy movements to understand how they capture it so well.. would be super useful to see your thoughts on this

    EIDT: never mind about the talk – found it:

  8. I’m actually making a one bit super smash bros style fighting game. This video helped a lot because the game didn’t feel like a fighting game and more like an Atari game.

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