HOMEMADE DEER FEEDER HANGER With Moultrie MFHP12367 All In One Timer Kit

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Today was an adventure setting up the homemade deer feeder hanger and seeing where some needed improvements are required for the next build. It was a lot of fun having Doug at the camp and look forward to more adventures with him in the future.
I set the Moultrie feeder timer to six seconds once a day and look forward to viewing the trail camera pictures watching the corn barrel.


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29 thoughts on “HOMEMADE DEER FEEDER HANGER With Moultrie MFHP12367 All In One Timer Kit

  1. Well that was a fun ‘half hour’ Buddy 😂 Acme Construction at its finest 😂 In all seriousness we had lots of laughs and put our heads together to make this project eventually work. I had a great time and it was an honour to spend time at your amazing off the grid camp with you. Thanks Steve!

  2. Doug was hiding because he wants no credit for this contraption….6 ft is nothing for a cub bear Steve….can`t wait to see what they did to it….better bring extra barrels up there….just had to review the circus show….one year is a long time for a guy like me…..CHEERS

  3. Ohh man Steve….I thought for sure that ladder was going sideways…LOL!!
    Everything always seems easier in theory and in the head. At least you had some great company there to help you.
    Hopefully that works out great.
    Great vid Steve

  4. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair when you were climbing the ladder, buddy. I was on my house roof to check things out earlier in the week and i was thinking that i'm getting too old for this. I could hardly walk the next day from climbing the ladder…..LoL.

  5. We’ll have to see how it holds up. You may have to do another design as I believe a bear may still create some havoc on that barrel. 😀👍

  6. Awesome job! Oh I have been adding trace mineral salt to the corn. The deer are going nuts for it. Thanks for the tip!!

  7. WOW!….when they talk about SAFETY Steve?????? We have bears here Steve that can rip that feeder spinner from under that container with one paw swat….when there hungry they can stretch a lot. If at first …..oh no…if at second you don`t succeed try ….try again….good luck…CHEERS

  8. I would have hold the ladder for you. You will have a good set up but, I believe that you should have gone at least 8'. Hope you will be putting a game trail on it. Cheer have a cold one.

  9. That tree just has to fart once… and down she comes! And they wonder why Germans over-engineer things! =)

  10. Wow good thing Doug there man if you hurt yourself on the ladder man things don;t always go to as planned eh Steve… Doug is a great guy awesome channel.. So you think that is Bear proof eh? mmm I don't know haha well I guess we will soon see.

  11. Nice job. Bears are pretty smart so if he starts climbing the tree you can wrap the tree with tin that way their claws will slide and they can't climb the tree.

  12. Good Video. Looks like me and a buddy when we were young hanging stands. Safety 3rd. Was that a "Heavy enough Strap". lol

  13. So cool you got to hang with Doug. As I watched you climb the ladder, I felt pretty sure you asked Doug to hold your beer right before you turned the camera on.

  14. That is a slick setup. If a bear does mess with it, rig it to fall on him…ha ha. You can just scoop him up later

  15. Pretty sketchy on that ladder there Steve!  I'm a little unsure how you're going to refill the barrel.  Did you leave a winch attached to it?

  16. It was good to have some help with that project. You've done a lot of work so the deer can eat. 🙂 Hello Doug, you have a new subscriber.

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