Here's how Honda FAILED the VFR800

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30 thoughts on “Here's how Honda FAILED the VFR800

  1. I have a 2010 vfr800 in the really beautiful deep red . The new red is crap .Great bike ,but nothing compared to the Zx14 I've just bought !!!!!!!!! I've had 2 x 800 vfr and BOTH have burnt out the stators .!!!! WHY HONDA ??????????

  2. VFR owners have wanted more power for years. Give us a 1000cc v4, drop some weight, give it newest tech and call it the day. I do miss my 6th gen. great bike with no problems. Honda… Give us a better one. oh, and the VFR1200 was not it. what a pig.

  3. Why the last gen VFR800 doesn't sell? They look and sound like SHIT. Honda had everything to make something like the Aprilia Tuono V4, but they fucked up. They also fucked up with the VFR1200.

  4. They had the VFR1200 which failed in sales, and was discontinued as Honda didn't get it to pass emission regulations, so they just called it quits 😐 Still waiting for a new Blackbird though, but likely that will NEVER happen, as ADV's sell… I have a 2005 XX.

    Guessing Honda will wait out and see how the new Busa sells first

  5. I agree, only problem is the petrol engines days are coming to an end, glad l was born and rode bikes in the era l did, humanity is fucked.

  6. I just recently bought a 2005 vfr800. The previous owner put a 45 tooth sprocket on the rear to give it more power off the line by shortening the gearing. I’m not happy with the shorter gearing or gps top speed of only 135mph. It really doesn’t seem that the new VFR has made any sort of improvement to the Vtech power band to combat owners feeling compelled to screw with gearing to make up for shortcomings. This leads to neutering the top end and annoyingly messing up the turn-ability in second gear. Its funny that I came across this video, because the other day I found myself wishing I had bought a used hayabusa or a newer used standard ninja 1000. Oh well, I got a good deal, the VFR does look good, its an improvement over my cruiser, and its only going to cost me a few hundred bucks to get it back to stock gearing with top notch components. You are right though.. whether its an apples to apples or apples to oranges comparison, you get a lot more bike in the ninja when comparing MSRPs. I think even if I could pick up a new VFR for $7k out the door, it wouldn’t offer me anything more than my 2005 VFR800, except a higher price tag and another payment. There are a lot of really nice bikes out there new and priced competitively (the Tracer 900 comes to mind), but a lot of models are just “long in the tooth”, like the VFR, Hayabusa, zx-14 etc. The best thing about the VFR is that they offer the used market a quality built, reliable, somewhat powerful, sporty, comfortable bike that is at home in the twistys, hauling ass to the store, or longer distance hauls alike. I’m pretty happy with mine, but if I could have gotten a used ninja 1000 for the same price, I’d be riding a Ninja without question.

  7. I ll take the vfr over the ninja. Looks and sounds way better. It still runs damn good and I’ll happily forgive its relative shortcomings compared to the ninja.

  8. Hi there, Hero!
    You pretty much hit the nail in the head with your review. I think there is room for two VFR, a 750/800cc and a 1000/1200cc, as long as Honda manages to impart more technology and power to the bike while shedding some (a lot…) of weight. No VTec, please, and bring back the gear driven cams.
    Smart suspensions, drive modes, cornering ABS, connectivity technology, cruise control, heated grips… If it was designed to compete against the BMW, those things were/are a must. Honda let the ball drop, for sure.
    Anyway, thanks for another great video!

  9. 30 seconds in and I can tell you why it failed. Despite the shiny new bodywork it was still a 20 year old bike underneath at a $15,000 price tag. You could buy an Aprilia Tuono V4 with way more power, much better suspension, brakes and handling for the same price.
    My first bike was an 86 Interceptor I picked up in 1998. Currently have two Tuonos. An 03 Vtwin I bought fresh out of the crate and a 2012 V4 bought used in 2017.
    Though if I had the spare cash and could find one for sale I'd take a pre Vtech VFR 800 with the gear driven cams in a heartbeat. But those that have them are reluctant to part with them.

  10. Already commented on this video, but today I noticed that our Honda main distributor finally announced the new range and the VFR is not part of it. I'm sad about it. I can't think about Honda without a VFR or RVF model… Sad day for all the fans of the "gentleman's superbike". If Ducatis were reliable…

  11. This is what i class as a Honda everything bike. Its not the fastest its not the best handling nor good looking. But as with all Hondas you get the best build quality that is 2nd to 0. You buy this bike for durability jack of trades it is the f16 of the bike world. If was going a long way round touring holiday again i would be on the VFR.

  12. What you said! If Honda came back with the revisions you discussed, i would buy one. my second bike is going to be a sport-tourer and i’m not quite ready to pull the trigger but none out there is quite right. if the time comes i might look for a new leftover 2015 but i would be EXCITED if Honda made the changes you discussed.

  13. I agree with all of it, except VTEC, it adds so much character to the bike, under 7k it's docile, noob friendly tourer, over 7k it's decent animal, but true, the HP is not enough, give new gen the 1200 engine and try to keep the weight around 500lbs, that would be something

  14. I agree in most of the commentaries except for the Panigale comparison, no way anyone would mistake the VFR for a Panigale, and if they do they will never be the target audience for the bike …

  15. Yesterday I think I saw a VFR near the the main road because I couldn't recognize the bike any regular bike I knew that I see normally but the headlight and side farring looks same

  16. Has anyone ridden a VFR? They ride great and the VETEC pumps up the sub 6000 rpm torque, where you mostly live on the road. With a 21 litre tank they’re good for 400km/250Mile range. They’re the definition of a Swiss Army knife JUM.

  17. So Honda is not selling a single V4 motorcycle anymore. Interceptor, VFR1200, 1200X, and ST-1100 all gone. What a shame. They are known for the V4, a part of their history, and now you see multiple manufacturers going to V4 for their high end bikes. I am a Honda fanboy, but I do not know what honda is thinking. They keep trying all these goofy strange models and pay no attention to performance models. The must have spent a fortune developing the VFR1200 engine, and they ended up barely selling any. VFR-1200 had a good engine going for it and good handling but completely missed the mark with features and to some styling. The 1200X was just a goofy attempt at and adventure bike. And now you pay $28,000 for the fireblade which has an inline 4, sorry Honda, if you are going to make a bike that price I want something more exotic than an inline 4. Hey Honda, how about you update the V4 1200 and use it in a fully modern Interceptor sports tourer, single sided swing arm, figure out some styling, 180 hp, every rider aid and bell and whistle. Then use the motor to build a 180 hp super naked to compete with super duke, Tuono etc. Then use the motor again on a range topping adventure bike to compete with KTM 1290 and BMW GS, not a half hearted attempt. It just makes me sad to see the Japanese brands get their lunch eaten by the Europeans. If they can afford to develope and sell wild cool bikes why cant a company as large as Honda?

  18. There is the vfr1200 F/DCT. I have it 10 years and did some 85.000km with it. A few liked it. A few understood it. It is an awesome bike with the best V4 and shaft drive ever. I would only change it with.. a new vfr1200

  19. This bike needs to gain 20 horsepower and lose 10 kgs. Another problem is the fact that the previous generation models are so good and the new models so costly that nearly everyone who wants a VFR, either already has a VFR or can't afford one. Other than that we're good. But it has to be said that in Europe the VFR is still the class standard bearer mainly because it's easier to own and look at than it's competitors.

  20. I own a 2007 VFR800. What would I change?? People moan about the Vtec and I don't know why. Granted the early modles were violent around 7000rpm but they kind of fixed that. Once you do the air box mod it is fine. I have tried to sell my bike for about 4 years now. Start of every year I have thought Id change, but I never do because its perfect. Amazing engine, sweet sounding delkavic cans, looks amazing. Rides like a dream. So, long and short of it, what would I change??? Switch it back to the 6th gen!!

  21. Pretty much what the faithful have been clamoring for for decades now. Really makes me wonder if their product planning team ever actually looks at the VFR forums and discussion boards because it's been quite clear-cut:
    Bring back the gear-driven cams, up the displacement for more power/torque, retain the styling, single-sided swingarm, V4 format, fuel tank size/range, and if possible lose some weight. Even if it cost more, enthusiasts would be salivating for it and put down the money I think.

  22. Adventure bikes, that´s it. I don´t think there will be a 9th gen VFR because the market has no need for more sport tourer. I hope I´m mistaken but now is all about 250cc and 350cc, adventure bikes and big 1600cc tourers for the old guys who have money. The sport bikes are the track ones for the kids to feel like Marquez, if the sport ones don´t make it the naked ones will do but now all the brands have to be focus on eletric developing.
    I got a 2016 VFR800 and I´m happy with it. Can do with more power… I really don´t miss it. Less height… Before the Honda I got a 2006 BMW k1200s… 172 hp and 300kg. I know the Honda is heavy but I really don´t feel the weight when it´s running and I don´t miss the power. I guess I grow up so I don´t need to hit 300 km/h any more. For the moment I´m happy with what I got. I´m sure I will never buy a BMW again. Never, in fact is the K1200s problems what got me to buy a Honda and the VFR was a natural choice plus a 14 years old engine has to be a rock.
    I guess when you hit 45, 100hp is more than good but what you really don´t want is a 5000k bill for a manufacturing problem with the gear box. Learn that BMW fixes their bikes changing the entiger block not the part that has the problem and they don´t have problems telling the costumer that the service is as expensive as the same bike in the use market. So if you don´t care about money buy a bmw. They are so cool they will get you broke.

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