Hauppauge HD PVR ROCKET – UNBOXING & TEST – Review

Hauppauge one of the best known names in game capture devices have a new gadget, the HD PVR ROCKET. Lets see how well it works in this unboxing of the HDPVR Rocket and some testing…

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46 thoughts on “Hauppauge HD PVR ROCKET – UNBOXING & TEST – Review

  1. I saw the notation you put about how an external hdd didn't work.  May I ask if the hdd was self powered or trying to draw power through the hauppauge?

  2. Will it Record my voice if my mic is plugged into my pc and I'm using Teamspeak with my friends? 

  3. Hi Blunty great videos.

    Can you mix voice chat and game audio? I noticed you have on your review but unsure if you'd done that in post.

    also if that's the case could I use he headset adaptor and using some cables record my party chat also?


  4. if i want to talk to people in game will it pick up my voice? if not if i plug my mic in the mic jack (in the rocket) will people in game hear me?

  5. I had my finger on the checkout button, ready to buy the Avermedia LGP plus a separate sound mixer, when I noticed this and saw that it had an in built microphone mixer. A year on from this video, can anyone tell me if the Rocket (on PC free mode) still lives up to it's promises? I would be saving £40 otherwise.

  6. Looks nice and could he used as a backup recording device for event videography where ones camera doesn't have 2 SD slots for simultaneous record. You provably wouldn't want to use the footage but at a push it could mean the difference between delivering your video product and not!

  7. Whenever I try to record my voice on the hd pvr rocket I get echos that repeats it multiple times can anyone help?

  8. I bought this after watching your review. Quite happy although the mic input isnt working after many tries. Luckily the warranty covers it. Cant wait to get it back and start recording again.

  9. it was a Cobra haha and thanks for the video you helped me make a choice on buying a recording device thank you

  10. I'm wondering if you can use a cardioid microphone with this? I use an AT2020 cardioid mic and I'm wondering how I would go about using it with this? If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. Does anyone know if you can record onto a thumb drive, take the files from a thumb drive and open them up in Adobe Premiere ON A MAC. 

    I had a response from Hauppaupe saying it worked with PC but they haven't tried it on a Mac.


  12. what is the weird wine glass smashing sound every time u bump into someone else. Is that audio compression or just a low quality audio effect used by forza.

  13. Hi, I'm thinking to buy this device to record live video out of a switcher (program out, hdmi). Do you know if it's possible to change default bitrate settings for pc-free use, as I'm going to need small files? 

  14. Would This work if i had Sony pulse headset plugged into the ps3? (usb)
    Would it still record the game audio ? Even though the audio is coming throuh my headset?

  15. Blunty: Great reviews, always!!!

    "Hapaw je" sounds wonderfully French and fancy.  But, Hauppauge is named after the town they're located in outside NYC, locally pronounced "Hap Og" or, if your from Brooklyn or Queens, "Haw Pawg" 

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