HandyGear – Controller Case/Enclosure with Screen Magnifier (Game Gear) Review Gameplay

Showing of JoyPlus HandyGear – Controller Case / Enclosure for the Game Gear system. Its a protective case, controller and screen magnifier all in one.

This includes gameplay from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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This video has some short gameplay from Sonic the Hedgehog 2; this is shown to illustrate how the controller works with the game. This is covered under Fair Use of media for a product review.

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9 thoughts on “HandyGear – Controller Case/Enclosure with Screen Magnifier (Game Gear) Review Gameplay

  1. I had one of those on my game gear for awhile as a kid, ended up taking it off and leaving it off eventually as I just didn't like the feel of it.
    Really wish I still had my old game gear and all the accessories I had with it, a fun and yet overlooked piece of handheld history in my opinion.

  2. I still have mine in mint condition!  When I was a kid, I always had fears of scratching the Game Gear.  I was such a tool that I played the Game Gear with a full plastic poly bag of the entire unit while I actively played.  To resolve this, I bought the HandyGear to solve my fears.  Gosh, looking back now, what an dork I was.

  3. Thanks for the video, seems to be the only english language one I can find on youtube. I got one for free when I bought my game gear at a local store, and it's missing a few parts so it was nice to see what a complete one looks like.

    As for the right direction on the D-pad sticking, it looks like the rubber has come slightly loose underneath from when you opened it up and showed the pads. I would imagine that would make it more difficult for the rubber to return the button to the default position after pressing it. If you still have it around, try gluing that piece to the case again and see if it gives you a different result.

  4. good video. As for the casing having the muffled sound. thing was that the Handy Gear is meant to be splash proof since the ads for it featured that it could protect it from water splashes, as well as dust and sand.

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