Haithabu Final Thoughts

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Haithabu.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough


Part II: Extended Gameplay


Part III: Final Thoughts


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6 thoughts on “Haithabu Final Thoughts

  1. i bought a copy of this for 10$, too good of price to pass up, will try this with a friendly variant that's on BGG now.

  2. First time I played once one player took a night action and everyone else lost a cube, everyone then started taking night actions by preference. In short time everyone lost 3 or 4 cubes and the game descended in chaos. The next 3 plays we played that night action affects the die thrower and it became a much better game where you are trying to time your actions to avoid having to risk taking a night action

  3. It's such a shame that this game can't get a few tweaks to change the market supply in a 2P/3P game, and to eliminate the opponent screwage when taking a "dark" action, because the mechanics and game play look solid!

  4. During the gameplay I was thinking that it had cool mechanics, but for some reason I didn't like it. I'd say you nailed the reasons why. thumbs up

  5. Maybe try looking at the action wheel from a different perspective:

    – The initial take would be what you said, with "taking a risk" hurting the other players a large amount of the time.

    – However: I would see it as playing agressivley! So I am trying to cause trouble for the others, with a chance of nothing happening or a small chance of back-fire.

    I feel this small change of perspective could change how people think of that mechanic…
    It's more Agressive/Passive rather than Risky/Safe
    Perhaps the theming should describe it in terms of a dark-age tribe sending out their warband to accompany the traders. Or they're both much like the vikings were!

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