Godot Mega Man Engine Showcase – Screen Transition, Boss, and Behind the Scene

This is a video game showcase made with Godot engine 3.1 which has Mega Man style into the game.

This time I’ve added many features to the game and I feel addicted to the Godot engine so far. It’s been one month after I’ve implemented Mega Man style in previous showcase. I have been around using Godot 3.1 for a while and I’d say that the engine has a lot of features you can play around with, and is pretty easy to learn. It’s also open source, which means it’s completely free! You can download it here:

For the project link. It’s available on GitHub:


Link to Blizzard Man music .nsf (NES Sound Format) for Mega Maker:

Previous showcase:

Nguồn: https://nearmeminer.com/

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30 thoughts on “Godot Mega Man Engine Showcase – Screen Transition, Boss, and Behind the Scene

  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Fantastic!!

    I'm searching for engine mega man construct2, but I found this one, and I ended up being undecided. Is Godot better than construct2?

    Is this engine you created complete?

    And are the enemies equal attacks? Are the coins that fall to the floor also megaman originals? Congratulations! Won another subscriber. I will accompany this Godot, maybe I will migrate for being free. Thanks for the video, it was awesome.

  2. Maaan. I'm a HUGE fan of Megaman and this game looks so polished!! I wish I could make a game like this in Godot. I used GameMaker for years until quite some years ago, but now I wanna learn Godot so hard.

  3. how did you do the enemys to show up? Im not the greatest on picking apart source code, so it would be cool to know

  4. Hello again. Could you please tell me how you implemented the boss AI system? Is it just a bunch of if/else trees or is it something more advanced (like state machines and other special classes)?

  5. Usable on Not just Windows, but you can also do it on MacOS and Linux too. (Also works on Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Gentoo, Manjaro, Sabayon, etc.)

  6. Did u use kinematicbody2d or did you create your own mechanics for movement ? Worked on a metalman stage showcase, i like your showcase, well done

  7. MegaMan is one of my favorite video games but so far I realize one of reasons is the bunch of game mechanics which have.
    Now in retrospect, to be a NES video game it was very advanced.
    Great work, good video, you have a new subscriber 🙂

  8. Nice work! As for me, I made my own screen transitions differently. I also made object respawners like yours. So I think our game cores (or "engines") seem to be similar, which is interesting. Looking forward to seeing more of your Godot stuff. 😉

  9. Really that Godot 3.1, it's great to make games, I know you're learning a little, but I would like to ask please if you are not busy in being part of my project.

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