Game Theory EXPOSED! Toby Fox's Beatdown!

Game Theory went too far in a recent GTLive stream of HeartBound. False Undertale and Deltarune metadata while also not properly promoting the game being played. Toby Fox stepped in and things got UGLY!

Heartbound on Steam

Pirate Software Tweet – Game Theory Concerns
Toby Fox Response to Game Theory
Mat Pat Twitter
GTLive Heartbound
Game Theory Rejects

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44 thoughts on “Game Theory EXPOSED! Toby Fox's Beatdown!

  1. Got it, MatPat isn't perfect but why do you have to be so happy to see him get roasted? You sound so hyped over this like my god mate

  2. I talked to the earthbound dev and he told me something and if I told you, you would understand EVERYTHING about this

  3. Hey man at 2:38 you said something that most people might not agree with. Saying stupid stuff like that after say anxiety and depression that is kinda scuffed man. But good vid bro

  4. 14:46 I highly agree with you. Mental health problems should not be turned into a meme for fun and games, that's almost like saying depression is just a dumba$$ excuse to not do anything. I mean, WTF MATPAT!!!?!

  5. Toby Fox officially has the Yellow Soul (JUSTICE)
    And, as to someone who loves the games that Toby makes…
    H E A R T B O U N D
    I S
    N O T
    U N D E R T A L E
    T H R E E.
    I also don’t get why he calls Deltarune “Undertale two” , When Toby Fox confirmed that Deltarune is its own game, and just has the same characters. And, I USED TO BE a MatPat fan. But… After his Undertale theory’s came out. It was just some silly, weird, “amalgamate” (Undertale reference intended) Which, I’ve played Earthbound. And, I can say… UNDERTALE AND EARTHBOUND ARE NOT IN THE SAME FRANCHISE! I do not hate MatPat, but some of his videos are a bit… Out there. I hope people agree with me.

  6. Honestly I just want GT channel to be irrelevant and lose sub, for being a sell out and making dog shit video's

  7. Matpat is going down the shitter. Actually, he went past that point a while back after he released that tf2 vs overwatch video.

  8. I don’t understand why you say that everyone’s apology is not sincere or true. I’m certainly not taking sides, but I don’t think you take into consideration that they actually might be apologetic. Instead you just discard that idea – it’s relatively ignorant

  9. I remember when I watched Game Theory for theories that, even though seemed far-fetched at times, were really interesting to watch and listen to. Relating fantasy games to real world was just something that I found fun and fascinating.

    And then FNAF happened. I understand it has a huge fanbase, I understand he wants to get more subscribers that way, and I honestly enjoyed first few FNAF theories. But it has come to the point that he revisits his theories – which he dissected bit by bit – completely changes them and introduces another astronomical theory. Jeez, how obvious can you be? FNAF is not the only game ever.

    Maybe he forgot how he got his first round of loyal subscribers – theories were diverse, not that implausible and they attracted a wide range of different theorists and thinkers. Sadly, it doesn't feel like that for me anymore. But oh well, things come and go, right? 🤷‍♂️

  10. well the more people who like you the more people who hate you. The only exeption is lele pons, everyone hates herThe darkness will always try to swallow the light, totally not a quote from destiny 2.

  11. Im not really on anyones side but all this stuff happens and should only happen once. Yeah matpat messed up but your being a dick and third parting and continuing hate.

  12. My internet is whack rn i can listeb to world revolving for 1 hour without any interruptions but can only watch 30 seconds of this video before it stops forever. >:(

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