Funny Glitch On Duck Game w/ Tutorial

I found this glitch on Duck Game a few days ago and was pretty funny when i did it. In case you don’t want to listen to my monotone voice =( ill give text instructions.

1. Hold left (or right, if P1) and ragdoll the moment you enter the first circle i show. If done correctly, your character will probably flip over the edge of the caution-bar, or slam into it. Repeat.
–What i assume happens is there is a pixel perfect gap to fit through that can occur when you attempt to ragdoll into the ledge.–
2. Assuming you glitch inside the box, tap the direction towards your nameplate until you are somewhere in the center of it.
3. Jump (this part i forgot to include in the video but it is almost self-explanatory.)
4. Profit!!!

–People in this video–
| Me
| PikachuPie
| MagikarpSux


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6 thoughts on “Funny Glitch On Duck Game w/ Tutorial

  1. You actually ragdolled a lot sooner than that red circle you showed, If you actually put it at .25 speed

  2. I appreciate the video and it's a good tutorial, but next time you record something, consider changing your mic settings to always record instead of turning on when you begin speaking. it got really annoying, really fast lol.

    Just a friendly reminder.

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