FishIsland: Fishing Paradise – First Impressions

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No.1 Casual Fishing RPG ‘Fish Island : Fishing Paradise RPG’

Tired of Real fishing without a sense of blow? Taste and feel the excitement with simple touch of fingertips, touch, tap ~

Fancy Action skills and Ultimate tension, Mega Detailed Fish with 3D rendering, Great potential with Exciting adventure story of the main character

Rhythm-action casual RPG Fish Island that can be easily caught from Nemo to the Baby shark family with just one touch from Seas, Cities and even Garden.

True One Touch Fishing Challenge
-No requirements to fight with Fishing rods, tired of watching, fighting with reels, timing skills! All you need is a bait, catch with one-touch from goldfish to tropical fish and great white sharks!

Aquarium with various themes
-Your own aquarium and ocean likely moved the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, and Arctic Oceans to you hand!

Endless Fish and spirits that want to collect and grow
-Over 400 species of fish, including mackerel, carp, trout, sturgeon, penguin, angelfish, whale and shark, and a total of 200 legendary spirits such as dragons, angels, devils, unicorns and naga!

Rich RPG elements not found in other real fishing!
-Treasure shells, PVP, raid, daily dungeon, boss dungeon, various familiar contents perfectly implemented!

Real fishing merits too!
Real fishing fun factors through species, aquariums, fish markets and exchanges that can be acquired by type depending on the bait!

Club members, enjoy the competition with friends!
-Dominate the top club rankings and get a spirit king faster with your club members to shop and get buffs!
Even beginners and High-end master players can join in exciting and diverse events right now!

Fish Island: Fishing Paradise RPG requires the following privileges to play smoothly:
[Optional access right]
-Camera & Photo: Used for ‘Photo Capture’, ‘Photo Sharing’, ‘Contact Us’, etc.
* You can use the service after agreeing to access right.

This game can also be played on a tablet PC.


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30 thoughts on “FishIsland: Fishing Paradise – First Impressions

  1. There's no left-handed flip. Finding most of the content impossible because the button is tiny and I need to reach across the whole device to press it repeatedly.

  2. Can anyone explain it how to do Bait Targeting on this game ? I can't continue my quest since i don't understand how to do it. Help anyone thanks ?

  3. That "monster hunting sword" looks like something much different FG. Unless there is some porn version of monster hunter movie out there with it xD

  4. Alright just came back from playing this game for 3 hours. It's amazing. I love it. It'd addicting. Finally, after 1 long year, a new app game that has my interest. I look forward to playing this more and seeing more videos if FG actually likes it too lol

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