Faszination Rodeo, Vintage Water Games / Waterful (Tomy, 1980s)

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Watergames is a series of handheld water toys made by Tomy. First released in 1976 and sold under various names around the world, the product line includes single player games like “Tic-Tac-Toe” and 2-player games such as “Basketball” and “Soccer”. Among the games, “Ring-Toss” seems to be the most popular, evident in the amount of Google images I came across when doing research for the video. Despite passing its heyday in the 80’s, updated versions of Watergames are still in production today.

I bought this, brand new and factory sealed, from an online seller last year. It came with a spare stopper and the toy was in perfect condition. Besides a few others, I remembered having this toy when I was a child. It was such fun to keep pushing the button to watch the cowboy and horse float around the plastic container.



1976 TV advertisement of Water Games (YouTube)

A nice blog about Water Games

New Pelican Water Game by Tomy (Official)


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5 thoughts on “Faszination Rodeo, Vintage Water Games / Waterful (Tomy, 1980s)

  1. Jesus, back in 1978 when I was 6 years old, I had probably 3-4 different variations of this game. Favourite was a basketball one where you'd press the button to help move a plastic basketball and shoot it into the basket. Problem was, eventually these things get dropped on the floor and stepped on and the next thing you know, it starts leaking on you the next time you play it.

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