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The little treasures incline pizza game is a test of hand steadiness and coordination as players try to build the pizza without knocking it over! set-up: Set up the pizza man on a level play surface and place the pizza crust on top of his finger. How to play: Youngest player gets to start the game. To begin, the first player rolls the topping die that will say which pizza topping needs to go on first. The game will go clockwise to the next player who will also roll the die to determine which topping they get to place. Objective: To place your piece without knocking the pizza off the pizza man. If you knock the pizza off, you have lost the game. Rules: When it is your turn, you can only use one hand to place the pizza topping. You may not touch any of the pieces that have already been placed on the pizza. If you do, you must take back your piece and lose the turn. Once you have removed your hand from your pizza topping, your turn is complete, you may not try to adjust or move it. If there are no available pieces remaining of the topping you roll, you may roll again until you get one that is. Solo game: Build the pizza on your own, rolling the die to select which topping goes on next and trying to place all toppings on top of the crust without toppling the pizza over.


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  1. You have buy in Amazon because Amazon rs. 500 and you are telling you have buy in 500rs.and in flipkart only 300rs.

  2. Hi Manu main aise wali game game main aaj tak kabhi nahin dekhi mujhe bahut pyari game lagi pizza ab meri sabse favourite food a pizza thank you

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