Every Arcade Item In Animal Crossing New Horizons!

This is my finished game room in Animal Crossing New Horizons! Let me know if you think I’m missing anything.

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47 thoughts on “Every Arcade Item In Animal Crossing New Horizons!

  1. Somebody paid my stair debt off because I had the blue arcade machine and it was the last one. Lucky for them and me!

  2. I thought the VB in your logo standed for Virtual Boy and I thought “what the hell is wrong with you?!”

  3. Awesome room! Your fireplace looks hungry…. lolol catalog days are great! thanks for sharing your house!

  4. I really really really need that computer that you have in your bedroom can you mail it to me or if anyone in here has it please mail it to me I've been searching for it for months now

  5. Can we actually play these games? Or am I missing something obvious? Because we used to be able to play the little NES consoles you’d collect.

  6. Willing to pay major bank bells for every single item in that game room hmu with a reply or hmu on Instagram champion_of_chicago_

  7. Hey man, can I get this arcade stuff? I’ll be willing to pay bells, been wanting to do a game room for a long time

  8. If people come to your world can they buy soda from your vending machines for bells and you get to keep the bells?

  9. Is it worth 2 million bells to you to get you to gift me at least half of those arcade machines? LOL…..I have Mahjong and Pinball.

  10. Please let me in on your catalog day sometime. I am currently trying to put together an arcade myself and would greatly appreciate all the arcade machines you have as I have none and have no idea how or where to find them. Thank you!

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