Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia | Big Blue Blob – Part 1

In our first EU4 achievement run for this channel, we’re shooting for the classic Big Blue Blob! We have 56 years to core 100 European provinces. Can we do it?

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44 thoughts on “Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia | Big Blue Blob – Part 1

  1. Hope you guys are looking forward to this! This is a fairly tough achievement, I would certainly be open to any suggestions.

  2. it's actually sooo bad to wait england declaring war to you, its nice you get all allies defending but you will pay diplo point to get your cores back which is pretty baad for a start

  3. Do keep in mind that taking provinces in the maine event is more costly then a reconquest war (which has the downside of england able of bringing allies in) like ninaran said before me 🙂

  4. If you do the Big blue blob its a huge mistake to wait for England Surrender Maine. Because its a Restoration of Union CB you take massive amounts of Aggressive Expansion when taking your cores back. If you declare reconquest before it you get your provinces for free.

  5. I got big blue blob naturally, make sure england gives you maine and declare reconquest war, take all your cores plus calais and pale. Now prepare for war against castille, while you do this kill every irish minir withou a good ally. (I allied aragon to fight castille) now you declare on castille and take as mich low development provinces as possible. If you are lucky burgundian inheritance fires already. Declare war on engalnd again and take the northrm provinces. Declare on scotland and afterwards castille. And declare on portugal. Now you only need about 5 provinces i got them from england since its your naturL rival.

  6. You can get all the Dutch land in the burgundian succession if you have a royal marriage and 4 or more provinces, I believe. This is also about five times as likely.

  7. Always declare Reconquest on England instead of waiting for the Surrender of Maine event. Always. Taking all your cores back for basically no aggressive expansion is too good a situation to pass up. The defensive war won't reduce the AE since it's not part of the CB.

  8. I am running my second 1.25 game as England, and wouldn't you know it, Castile get the Burgundian inheritance and refuses the wedding, Castile ftw thus far in my run, it being near 1490.

  9. Well, i notised, that you changed camisole for that man on preview from red to blue. Originally, cool

  10. Meh, i was hoping for japan HOI4 but this is going to be fun too! hey, after this if you still want to play EU4 play prussia with the rights of man DLC.

  11. if you want to make things a little easier there is a glitch with the development mission. if you click on it as fast as you can during an auto save you will get a ton of development in your capital which might make things easier.
    more wealth and faster spread of the renaissance in your capital

  12. Calling it right now, and if I manage to get one of these right on the dot, you all have to admit I am amazing at guessing. Here goes!
    In episode 3, he will screw up and realize this, but he will be able to fix it.
    Episode 4, he will have to reset, so rip him.
    In episode 2, he will anger Britain and cause them to go to war.
    Episode 5, he'll anger Germany after the reset.
    Keep in mind, this is not edited and commented on the day this video was released.

  13. Pravus, you can exploit the expand France mission by waiting for the autosave at the start of the year with an auto clicker. If you hit it multiple times through the autosave, you can up your capital development by around 20.

  14. May we prepare for years of content. For the many tries of this shall take an eternity and entertains us all.

  15. Infantry is better then Cavalry overall. You should only get loads of cavalry when your muslim nations or other cavalry heavy armies, but for european countries just spam Infantry. It's cheaper , lower infantry cost , and can be used as a human shield when you get artillery lol.

  16. Attack liv order no cb or with, but ally muscovy pomise to give land. Attack novgorod while at war with muscovy. Don't give muscovy land. Truce with muscovy when alliance breaks. Grab crap novgorod land release karealia. Give karealia land so they can core. You can't really core that land early game. Attack sweden denmark and norway . Feed more crap land to your vassal. TAKE DIPLOMATIC IDEAS SO YOU CAN TAKE MORE PROVINCES. Intergrate karealia for free cores. War with muscovy. Weak muscovy gets destoryed by hordes. Attack hordes. Finish denmark norway and sweden. Take over britanny no one cares about them. No offense to bretons. Attack the scots take the isles and highlands. England plus ireland next. Then go for better than napolian. Probaly should ally nogai for permanant ally sine their mostly in asia.

  17. Attacks with two heavies into 6 with superior morale… and has no leader… yeah. 😀

    I like you, you do dumb shit just like me 😀

  18. I don't know how I'll feel about achievement runs. I like watching you play through the entire game and especially with this achievement where everything is done before you've even really gotten into the game.

    I'll wait and see, but this is probably going to be the last EU4 series that I watch if it isn't absolutely stellar.

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