EU4: Florryworry Big Blue Blob Speedrun – Highlights

Check out all the best parts of Florryworry trying his darndest to get the Big Blue Blob in just 2 hours!

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39 thoughts on “EU4: Florryworry Big Blue Blob Speedrun – Highlights

  1. There's also no point in truce breaking for the Irish minors, or unjustified claims against Provence lol. He's really making things hard for himself…
    This achievement, even after the patch, is very doable, and it's almost harder to manage to get a coalition against you than not if you just go about things cleverly.
    Wait until Provence get excommunicated… don't call in Scotland unless absolutely nescessary (they will only give you negative warscore and potentially make England larger way too soon; which again will block your whole achievement). Remove guarantee, conquer Scotland while having truce with the remaining Irish minors. Don't worry about England allying any of them, that will just give you more warscore. Fabricate claims on EVERYTHING you can. Get Sutherland so you can fabricate on Norway. If you let England block you, you made things a lot harder for yourself. After Scotland, DOW England and take the cheapest provinces. Watch your overextention and admin points. You'll need low overexention for the Norwegian coast, as coring will take some time. "Luckily" it's low dev. DOW Denmark. Land all armies and obviously have Shetland/Orkney as war goal so you can get what you want just by ticking warscore. Use mercs. Take loans via estates. Or don't and just wait for the ticking. Take Vestlandet and as many provinces you can up to Novgorod. Taking Hjaltland or Orkney is not as important. Voila.

    You should now be able to have no trouble getting the dev needed well within the time limit. If you have bad luck, compensate elsewhere. But do NOT expand into HRE and do NOT take unjustified demand except where ABSOLUTELY nescessary (or in areas where you control most of the general culture and will DOW same culture nations when truce ends either way, or other mitigating factors)

  2. France's mission tree is slightly different and also more focused on mid game now.
    The achievement is still doable but you should ally Burgundy and instead focus in British Isles and Scandinavia, since you can get lots of low dev provinces for less AE and coring cost (which you will have to do a lot of). War with Denmark may be costly if they ally Muscowy but should be doable (and is worth it). Hopefully Novgorod is still up too, tons of 3 dev provinces. You should start annexing vassals as soon as it's 1454.

    I was ally with Castile and Burgundy when I did it, but they didn't help me with this achievement (except being a deterrance).
    I did not get Naples PU nor the Burgundian inheritance.

    AFTER the achievement, I force PU'd Naples from mission tree, as Milan, and randomly got Burgundy in my PU lol.
    Now I also got Spain in PU, working on my march Novgorod's last missions (rest of Scandinavia and Muscowy) and it's 1550 or something. Converted to reformed and almost at 70% unity. Exploring is slow but Spain in PU and might vassalize Portugal (they have only 1 EU state left, and I got Lisboa in it).
    I feel like I could try a WC but at the same time I'm not really interested in not playing the game for fun… we'll see…

    Anyways this achievement might be a good start for a WC, which my point is. I've never done WC before though, half of the time I just enjoy playing minor nations and doing stuff you don't normally see or is ahistorical. (Like I managed to make neutral Asturias form Colombia – the AI that is, I was playing another nation)

  3. What's the point of splitting off one regiment of infantry and marching them out and back into a battle as it start?

  4. How does he do this without getting massive amounts of war exhaustion that builds up over time? I tend to run out of admin points to reduce war exhaustion if I chain war in order to core (prevent high over extension) and prevent massive rebel uprisings

  5. EU4 streamers are so funny. They always smash their keys and move so fast when this is one of few games where you dictate the pace.

  6. the way i did the bbb was to get emperorship, get the FULL burgundian inhertiance by declaring war on Burgundy as France and Emperor, and then taking land in the British isles and iberia.

  7. I just started a Kastille campaign and got the first time, all out of a sudden, 15 European regions as a gift. I think it was the Burgundy who lost their king. 2 full states (Holland and Flanders and some others). 3x 19 dev. but all starting with 85 autonomie. Takes a while till I get the full profit out of them. And this early game!

  8. i love florry highlights, i never watch florry without editing, so whoever edited this, it was worth your time, thanks.

  9. 27:24 I wish EU4 and other paradox games had more features like this to reward brilliance, like real life historical leaders.

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