Duck Game: All Advanced Movement Techniques

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Links to detailed videos and timestamps below.

Ragdoll Grabbing 0:28
Gun Jumping: 0:53
Ragdoll Jumping 1:16
Angle Jumping 1:58
Angle Saving 2:29
Pogo Jumping 3:01
Sword Climbing 3:37
Jetpack Stuff 4:20
Chainsaw Boosting 5:29
Chainsaw Climbing 6:11
Sledge Hammer Boosting 7:01
Wall Angle Jumping 7:44
Extended Ragdoll Jumping 8:37

My video on angles:

Angle Saving:

Sword Climbing:

Chainsaw Climbing:

Wall Angle Jumping:

Outro song: Perséphone – Retro Funky (SUNDANCE remix)

My Twitch that I might use in the future if enough people watch it, idk:


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31 thoughts on “Duck Game: All Advanced Movement Techniques

  1. This is fucking cool.

    The ones that the video taught me are the Ragdoll jumping ones, and the sword climbing ones.

    Great video man.

  2. One cool piece of tech that I found: when sliding in a one block gap, you can spin the joystick (or like press all the wasd keys) to go forward really fast

  3. Can you show us how to create this costume game so we can practice without need to inv any friends and going online.

  4. This stuff everyone knows or should know. This is easy and if u want cool awsome montages come to my channel for duckgame. Their actually pretty good

  5. Grindy 500 > Chainsaw Boosting,
    because Chainsaw Boosting is when you would boost yourself forward using the block above you

  6. Nice video. I've found the extended ragdoll jump is actually quite useful in certain situations like jumping up to the snipers without the use of a gun on the pew pew vs sniper level (I can't recall the others now, just know how to use it in the moment). Also you don't necessarily have to press up repeatedly; if you time it right you can get a huge boost which makes it viable on controller.

  7. "All"
    Hmmm seems a little early to say that imo. There are "meta" techniques that exist that I would definitely classified as Advanced Movement. Maybe perhaps they are more conceptual than literal but ALL seems a little exclusive 😛

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